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22 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 27. 1882. t Nel>lmska-Con- From Waynieltlo Lt; Porte. _“ ‘ hm P F mS l ‘ ‘ mminsvi e _ Frrgm NIelilgh, ingAnteiope County,via West Cedar Valley, Clay Ridge, Cumminsville, Clear Creek, Cedar City, late Harrington Post-Oiliee, and Little Cedar Valley, to Willow Springs, in Wheeler County. _ Num, NEVADA. From Austin to Gold Park. From Eureka to Secret Canyon. From Hawthorne to Sunnyside. From Beowawe to Cortez. From Palisade to Salford. From Ward to Taylor From Schellbum, via Aurum and Spring Valley, to Osceola. From Eureka, via Duckwater, to Curran Creek. _ _ From Eureka, along the line of the Eureka and Colorado Biver Badroad, to Cherry Creek. From Lovelocks to Roseville. From Ironing to Grantsville. From Lida to Montezuma _ N,, 1;,,,,,,,;,;,,; NEW HAMPSHIRE. From Newbury to Suuapee. From Milan to Errol. New Mexico; NEW MEXICO.

  • · From Vermejo to Elkins.

From Socorro to Magdalena. ` From Silver City to Clairmont, Socorro County From Eagle Station to Polomas, Socorro County. ` From Lordsburgh, New Mexico, to Clihon, Arizona. my rmx; . NEW YORK. From Salt Point to Crum Elbow. From Altona to Alder Brook. From Canisteo to Purdy Creek. From Massena to Racket River. From Colton, via West Parishville, to Potsdam. From Fullerville to Harrisville. From Seneca Falls to Tyse City. From Altona to Alderbend. North Carolina; , NORTH CAROLINA From Newfouud via North and South Turkey and David Mills, on Sandy Muah to Marshall. From livald Creek, via MeElroy’s Creek, to Ivy rom aynesville via Ivy Hill Cam bell’ SocoG· I l' Miss' and Yellow Hill, to Charleston. ’ P S, AP, m mn mn, From gy gagato Bee Log. rom 'u s ountain to Carpenter's St From Troy to Pekin om From New River to Chestnut Hill. From Yléadkinyille, vi;) Boonville, to Rush. rom ortous, via wer H b Bi Bid Fiat C k, and Calnadxnsto Balsam Grove.. am {rg, g ge, me rom tatesville via Wilkesboro’, Cherry Lan H ks’ Sto N rth Carolina, and ·PC2011 Bottom and Independence, °V`1rg:ia, to Crm·dck:tt’s Depot, Virginia ·