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480 FORTY-SEVEN TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 97. 1S$3. geants, one hundred and eighty corporals, thirty musicians, ninety-six drummers and iifers, and one thousand nve hundred privates, three hundred and eighty-nine thousand and fifty-two dollars. For ten clerks and two messengers, sixteen thousand and thirty-five dollars; payments to discharged soldiers for clothing undrawn, twenty thousand dollars; transportation of officers traveling under orders without troops, eight thousand dollars; commutation of quarters for officers where there are no public buildings, ten thousand dollars; in all, fifty- four thousand and thirty-tive dollars. Provisions. For provisions for the Marine Corps, and for difference between cost of rations and commutation thereof for detailed men, sixty thousand dollars. Clothing. For clothing, seventy-seven thousand dollars. Fuel. For fuel, eighteen thousand dollars. Military mm. For military stores, namely: For pay of one chief armorer, at three dollars per day; three mechanics, at two dollars and fifty cents per day each; purchase of military equipments, such as cartridge-boxes, bayonetscabbards, haversacks, blan ket-bags, canteens, musket-slings, swords, ilags, knapsacks, drums, nies, bugles, and other instruments, five thousand dollars; purchase of ammunition, one thousand dollars; purchase and repair of instruments for- the band, and purchase of music, nve hundred dollars; in all, nine thousand seven hundred and eighty-six dollars and nfty cents. Transportation For transportation of troops and for expenses of recruiting, ten thouof t;<>¤r>¤ Md ro- sand dollars. miie;;?}-; or bar- For repairs of barracks, and rent of buildings to be used for 'the ¤<>i¤,¤¢¤· manufacture of clothing, stores for supplies, and offices of assistant quartermaster at Philadelphia, and for hire of quarters where there are no public buildings, ten thousand dollars. Y Forage. For forage for four public horses, one for messenger to commandant and staff, Washington, District of Columbia, and three for general use at marine barracks, Mare Island, Caliibrnia, and League Island, Pennsylvania, seven hundred and twenty dollars. . For the purchase of forage, four thousand six hundred and eighty dollars: 1’rm:·ided, That no commutation for forage shall be paid. Contingencies. For contingencies, namely: For freight; ferriage; toll; cartage; funeral expenses of marines; stationery; telegraphing; rent of tele- ` phone; apprehension of deserters; per diem to enlisted men employed on constant labor, for periods not less than ten days; repair of gas and water fixtures; office and barrack furniture; mess utensils for enlisted , _ men; packing-boxes; wrapping-paper; oil-cloth; crash; rope; twine; carpenter’s tools; tools ior police purposes; purchase and repair of hose; repairstopublic carryall; purchase and repair of harness; repair ofjire extinguishers ; purchase and repair of hand-carts and wheelbarrows; purchase and repair of cooking-stoves, and ranges, stoves where there are no grates; purchase of ice; towels and soap for offices; improving paradcrgrounds ; repair of pumps and walks; laying drain and water pipes; introducing gas; and for other purposes, including gas and oil for marine barracks maintained at the various navyyards and stations; and water at marine barracks, Boston, Massachusetts, Brooklyn, New York, Annapolis, Maryland, and Mare Island, California; also straw for bedding for enlisted men at the various posts, and furniture for government houses; in all, twentyilve thousand dollars. Naval Asylum. At the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; For superintendent, six hundred dollars; steward, four hundred and eighty dollars; matron, three hundred and sixty dollars; cook, two hundred and forty dollars; two assistant cooks, one hundred and sixty-eight dollars each; chief laundress, one hundred and ninety-two dollars- six laundresses, at one hundred and sixty-eight dollars each; nine scrubbers and waiters, at one hundred and sixty-eight dollars each; six laborers, at two hundred and forty dollars each; stablekeeper and driver, three hundred sud sixty dollars; masterat-arms, four hundred and eighty dollars;