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526 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 121-123. 1883. same manner and to the same extent as if no such treaty had existed at the time of the passage hereof. I d S h I I E f A tt mk Rect Sec. 12. That in respect of all artic es mentione in c ec u e o -[¤¤; IBB9i3f :*1 ¤1’· section six of this act, this act shall take edect on and after the first day f_lf’°“ “‘ S°h°d“1° of June, anno Domini eighteen hundred and eighty-three. M,,,.,,,,,; rights, Sec. 13. That the repeal of existing laws or modilications thereof emete., reserved. braced in this act shall not aliect any agtl done, or any rilght accruing or accrued or any suit or proceeding h or commence in any civi cause, before the said repeal or moditications; but all riglits mid liabilities undcr said laws shall continue and may be enforce in the same mgm to ,,,. ,3,,, manner as if said repeal or modiiications had not been made, nor shall ure or amos not' said repeal or modifications in any manner affect the right to any office, ¤F¤¤¤¤<i· or change the term or tenure thereoti Any offenses committed, and all penalties or forfeitures or liabilities incurred under any statute embraced in or changed, modiiied, or repealed by this act may be prosecuted and punished in the same manner and with the same eifect as if this act had Pounds., ste., not been passed. All acts of limitation, whether applicable to civil preserved. causes artid proceedings mi: to the prosecggion of onleinlsggd or {pr 1:;] recovery o penalties or fo eitures embrac in or m, c an or repealed by this act, shall not be affected thereby; and all suits, procecdings, or prosecutions, whether civil or crimipal, for cansesbaérisiug . or acts one or committe prior to the passage o this act may commenced and prosecuted within the same time and with the same cdect as if this act had not been passed. Approved March 3, 1883. Mar. 3, ISE?. CHAP. 122.-An act to ccnlirm certain entries on the public _ Be it enactedbytkc Senate and Houceof Rep•reac»tati·vcscftkc United Counmmms of States of America in Congress assembled, That in all caseswhcre lands ,6,.,,,,,, mmm on reduced in price to one dollar and twentyhvc cents per acre by me sct mpnbue lands. of June iiiteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty, but which have not 21·$¤rt~,237· been ofered at public sale at such reduced price, were inadvertently sold at private entry by the officers of the Land Department between - the date of the passage of said act and the_date of the receipt at the local offices of .the mstrnctions of the Commissioner of the General Land _ Odiccthrelatiilvic theretgd of Octrtilber tenth, eighteen hundred and eighty- one e en es so in verten y- permitted to be made by innocent purchahcrs, and which are regular in all respects except as to time of entry i shall be confirmed as of the dates of entry, respectively: Provided, Ima: p,.,,.;,,_ ever, That no valid adverse claim to any of such lands had attached prior to the date of such entry: Approved, March 3, 1883. Mu-_ 3, ggg3_ CHAP. 123.-An act to modify the postal money-order system, and for other V ———-——- _ 1>¤¤‘P¤•¤¤- ‘ Be it enacted_by the Senate and House of Rqn·escntatives of the United mm of money Stataa of Aoueracu gn Ggnyreas lcssernliled, That for the transmission of . I sma sums uu er vc dollarst roug the mails the Postmastcr·General

°;°,°°;Q}}Q;t °,Z{_ m amthorize posfimastfdrs at money-order omces to issue money-orders,

vices, authorized, wi ou correspon ing vices on an engraved form to be prescribe k¤¤¤;,¤ an "p¤¤t¤1 and furnished by him ; and a nioney-order issued on such new form shall "°;f’· be designated and known as a “ postal uote," and a fee of three cents cmgagffcf $3: shall be charged for the issue thereofl Every postmaster who shall ,,,,_ issue a postal note, under the authority of the Postmaster General shall _ 7 p,,,,,,, ,,0,, PDP make the same payable to bearer, when duly rcceipted, at any money- able to bearer. order office which the renutter thereof may select, and a postal note