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FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 143. 1883. 629 For heating and lighting the National Museum : For expense of heat- _ HQ¤*i¤¤ ¤·¤d ing, lighting, and telephouic and electrical service for the new museum 1‘gh°“‘g‘ building, six thousand dollars. , For the preservation of collections of the National Museum: For the Pmqervation or preservation and exhibition of the collections received from survey °°H°°**°¤¤- ing and exploring expeditions of the government, and other sources, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees ninety thousand dollars. For the preservation of collections of the National Museum in the Ar- C¤U¤<=!¤i0P¤» Afmory Building: For care of the Armory buildings aud grounds and ex- '“°'YB“‘m"'g·°“" pause of watching, preservation, and storage of the duplicate collections of the government and of property of the United States Fish Commission contained therein including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, two thousand five hundred dollars. And the distribu- Dvplipwy ¤p•;<>i— tion of duplicate specimens of the National Museum and Fish C0mmis— “;°““d’d‘“"b“*‘°“ sion may be made to colleges, academies, and other institutions of learn- ° ’ ° ' ing upon the payment by the recipients of the cost of preparation for transportation and the transportation thereof. For repairs of portal of verandah of adobe palace, New Mexico, two Adobe_ palace, hundred dollars; for repairs upon back walls, four hundred dollars. N'"' M°¤°°· For repairs to the court-house at Washington, District of Columbia: Conrt- house, For annual repairs to the court;-house in the city of Washington, Dis- W°¤l¤¤8*’°¤» D- C- trict of Columbia, per estimate of the Architect of the Capitol, one thousand dollars. PUBLIC PRINTING AND BINDING. . For the public printing, for the public binding, and for paper for the P¤bli¤ _Pi'i¤u¤8 public printing, iucludin g the cost of printing the debates and proceed- '·"1‘} b“‘d“‘$? P*‘ ings of Congress in the Congressional Record, and for Iithographing, P° mapping, and engraving for both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court of the United States, the Supreme court of the District of Columbia, the Court of Claims, the Library of Congress, and the departments, including salaries or compensation0f all necessary clerks and employees, for labor (by the day, piece, or contract), and for all the necessary ma- · terials which may beheaded in the prosecution of the work, two million tive hundred thousand dollars; and from the said sum hereby approprinted printing and binding may be done by the Public Printer to the amounts following, respectively, namely: For printing and binding for Congress, including the proceedings Distribution. and debates one million four hundred and two thousand dollars; for the State I$epartxnen2 fifteen thousand dollars · for the Treasury

 Department, two hun and fifty thousand dohnrs; for the War

Department, one hundred and seventy thousand dollars (of which sum twelve thousand dollars shall be for the catalogue of the library of the Surge0n·Ge¤craLl’s Office) · for the Navy Department, fifty thousand dollars; for the Interior Department, three hundred and eighty thousand dollars (of which sum ten thousand dollars is appropriated for rebinding tract books for the General Land OIDOe)- for the Departmen* of Justice, ten thousand dollars; for the P0st·O$ce Department, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; for the Agricultural Department, twenty thousand dollars; for the Supreme Court of the United . States twenty-tive thousand dollars; for the Supreme court of the Dis- Hint 0} Columbia, one thousand dollars; for the Court of Claims, eight thousand dollars; and for the Library of Congress, nineteen thousand D, b t 0, dollars. And 110 more than an allotment of one-half of the sum hereby awxpgafg? appropriated shall be expended in the two first quarters of tape ilscal year, and 110 more than one fourth thereof may be expended ·m either of the two last quarters of the fiscal year, except that in addition thereto, . in either of said last quamars, the rmexpended balances of allotments for preceding quarters may be expended; Prmaided, That there may be Proriao. bound for meh Senator, Representative, or Delegate in Congress, one