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632 FORTY-SEVEN TH CON GBESS. Sess. II. Ch. 143. 1883. ‘ SENATE. Caroline Hill. To enable the Secretary of the Senate to pay to Mrs Caroline Hill, widow of the Honorable Benjamin H. Hill, late a Senator from the State of Georgia, two thousand seven hundred and twenty-six dollars and three cents, the amount of compensation of a Senator from August the seventeenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, to March the fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-three. Senators elect That Senators elected, whose term of office begins on the fourth day 'hsm l5'f'° “}’* of March, and whose credentials in due form of law shall have been prequ ° ’ PW °sented in the Senate, but who have had no opportunity to be qualified, may receive their compensation monthly, from the beginning of their term, until there shall be a session of the Senate. Catalogue of To enable the Joint Committee on Public Printing to complete the fi°'¤}'¤¤¤°¤°zc. P¤b· preparation and indexing, for publication at the Government Printing °°t'°°°’ Office, the classified, analytical, and descriptive catalogue of govern-‘ ment publications, and of publications of public interest purchased by the United States for use or distribution, six thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the completion of the work,which sum may be expended as additional pay or compensation to any officer or employee of the United States. Purchase of mn- To enable the Joint Committee on the Library to purchase from the i*¤!1>¤1•¤¤.¤¤1•¤, Marquis de Bochambeau the military papers maps, and let ter-books of g‘fé,1B°:‘b(;°;:_”° d' the count de Rochambeau, general in the Erench army in America, twenty thousand dollars. Purchase of set To enable the Librarian of Congress, under the direction of the Joint

 gy Q: Committee on the Library, to purchase a set of records and briefs in

mow If_C:qmt:r_ cases in the Supreme Court of the United States belongingto the estate of the late Mathew H. Carpenter, eight thousand dollars. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. - UM'! A. Ortb. To pay Mary A. Orth, the widow of the late honorable Godlove S. Orth, the amount of salary and allowances for stationery for the unex- ' pired term of his service as a member of the Forty-seventh Congress. Widow of J. W. To pay the widow of honorable J. W. Shackelford, deceased, the sum ¤l¤••§¤1€¤¤l» di of seven hundred and thirty dollars and twenty-nine cents, the amount “,_°°"°°" P°"”°“ of salary and allowance for stationery for the unexpired term of his service as a member of the Forty-seventh Congress. Sarah Lowe. To pay to Sarah Lowe, the sister of honorable W. M. Lowe, deceased, ~ the sum of two thousand and eighty-three dollars and thirty-three cents, · the amount of salary for the unexpired termof his service as amember of the. Forty-seventh Congress. . wmewsumss To pay the widow of the late honorable James Q. Smith his salary Q-$¤¤*l*£ •::‘¤¤¤¤•<!; as a member of the Forty-seventh Congress, to the date of his death, with P°’"‘°“ mileage stationery, six thousand four hundred and twenty-five dollars and eighteen cents, less any sum that may have been paid on account. A d d i tion s. 1 To convert the rooms adjoining the Old Hall of Representatives, ex· ¤;_°é¤¤ for L1l>¤¤’y cepting the rooms occupied as the document and stationery rooms, ° °“$'°“‘· together with the rooms and passages connected with them in the gallery story, mcluding the gallery itself; and the space over the entablature of the eolonnade at the south end of the hall, to the use of the library of the House_of Representatives, and make the same to communicate with the Library of Congress, through the documentroom, ten thousand dollars. _ - 0ue month's ex- To enable the Acting Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the ze <*°¤]P°¤*¤l;!°¤ House to pay the omcers and employees of the Senate and House of °”_°"“°"‘ °"'P °J‘ Representatives respectively borne on the annual and session rolls on the third day of March eighteen hundred and eihty-three, one months extra pay at the rate of compensation then paid them by law, which sum shall be immediately available.