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788 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 63. 1883. Missouri, ooo- To Herman H. Klingenberg, of Lafayette County, one hundred and

  • i¤¤°d· ten dollars.

To Jame A. Lander, of Moniteau County, seventeen dollars and fifty t . mild B. F. McCallister, of Moniteau County, four hundred and seventy- five dollars. To James Maiden, of Jackson Coimty, four hundred and fifty dollars. To David Moore, of Lewis County, nine hundred and twenty six dollars and twenty five cents. To Joseph P. Mason, administrator of Huldah Mason, deceased, of Lawrence County, eighteen dollars. To Benjamin B. and James H. Matthews, administrators of William M. Matthews, deceased, of Lawrence County, two hundred and twenty d llars. · 0 ‘;l‘o David Chandler, administrator of William L. Pearson, deceased, of Greene County, two hundred and seventy five dollars. To Francis M. Petty, of Moniteau County, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Aaron A. Quick, of Stoddard County, sixty four dollars. To Edward G. Ragsdale, of Texas County, two hundred and fifteen dollars. To Henry Rhodes, of Madison County, seven dollars and twenty five cents. To Franz Rau,°of Cooper County, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. To A. L. Shortridge and J. B. Malone, executors of George A. Shortridge, deceased, of Macon County, one hundred and forty dollars. To Bridget Smith, of Jackson County, three hundred and sixty dollars. " c — To James Swearenghin of Douglas County twenty five dollars. To John Bpringborn, ot! Franklin County, two hundred and forty-tive dollars. · - To Joseph H. Talley, of Oregon County, three hundred and sixty-two dollars and fifty cents. · To Preston W. Tucker, of Benton County, two dollars and fifty cents. To William Vier, of Jasper County, ninety-tive dollars. To Philip B. Parker, administrator of Anderson Warren, deceased, of Benton County, ninety-two dollars. To James H. Williams, of Benton County, forty-two dollars and fifty cents. _ _ u To John Watts, of Webster County, thirty three dollars and seventy- ve cents. - “· To Elizabeth S. Woods, widow and executrix of James Woods, deceased, of Monroe County, fourteen dollars and forty cents. To Christopher C. Wright, of Wayne County, seventy-two dollars and cents. ‘ To John B. Wheeler, of Cass County, eighty dollars. To Char1es·Wagoner, of Buchanan County, ten dollars and eighty cents. To Francis E. Whitener, of Madison County, nine dollars. was vagina. WEST VIRGINIA p h To William Burger, of Grant County, ninety-four dollars and twenty- ve cen To J ohn M. Brown, of Greenbrier County, one hundred and twenty- nve dollars. To board of education Harper-’s Ferry school district, of Jederson County, four hundred and four dollars and seventy-two cents. ‘ d Ego David Beery, of Hampshire County, two hundred and seventy o ars. ` To Ann J. Burnett, of Jefersou County, one thousand one hundred and twenty six dollars and thirtvthree cents.