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56 FORTY SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 117. 1882. southwest of Hatteras Inlet, on the coast of North Carolina; six houses of refuge on the eastern coast of Florida, and two hfe-saving stations on the Atlantic coast of Florida, one near Key West and one near Jupiter Inlet, and one ou the Gulf coast west of Apalachicola River, at such pointsas the General Superintendent of the Life-Saving Service may recommend; two life-saving stations on the coast of South Carolina, to be located by the General Superintendent at or near the ports of George- · town and Charleston; a life-saving station at or nea.r Quintana, Texas. L•k•s¤p•r-io:. ON rm: oossr or LAKE surnmon. · A lifesaving station at or near Grand Marais, Michigan Lain Michigan. on in consr or LAKE mcmom. A lifesaving station at or near Frankfort, Michigan; one at or near Pent Water, Michigan; one at or near the mouth of White River,

 miie at or near Hollandhlllllichigan; one at or near South

Haven, 'c ’gan; one at or near `c `gan ity, Indian' a; one at or near Sturgeon Bay Canal, Wisconsin. Dinmntinuncc Section Two.-That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorgf M°·*t:_“”¢ '** ized to discontinue any life-saving or life-boat station or house of ref- ""' ° nge whenever in his judgment the interests of commerce and humanity no longer require itsexistence . Transfer of sp- SECTION. 1*111:m.-'lfhat the General Superintendent may transfer the P¥'**°&°_*¤d '°P· apparatus, appliances, equipments, and supplies of any discontinued sta- _ P °°’ tion or house of refuge to such other stations or houses of refuge as may need them, and may also transfer any portion of the apparatus, ap- W equipmgniis, supplie: cgmone station oprthouse of refuge to udgmeu mtsreats e service may require it. Disuisnupazin- SEm*r01€ 1•·otm..—That hereafter all district superintendents of life-

  • ¤¤*{¤¤*•£¤•i¤ <H¤· saving stations-shall be disbursing oillcers and paymasters for their reb'”‘“‘$ °°”‘ spective districts, and shall give such bonds as the Secretary of the

’1:reasnry may require, and shall have the powers and perform the dui Z‘¤“l1‘2£‘¥»i.Y°£t£°t‘¤'£E“¤.m’ “.s“"§t$.i‘i°1;'.1"°“$.‘§£‘. °'"‘° °“"""‘“‘°""‘ - as s: compqnumd Fortheiirstdistricte1nh1amng' thecoastsoflliain dN Hm - •¤r¤¤’i¤f•¤¤¤¤*• shire, nfteen hundred dollars per annum. 6 an Bw a P "°°d P""'““""· For the second district, embracing the coast of Massachusetts fifteen hundred dollars per annum. Idgcgrlthe enlibliiacing the coasts of Rhode Island and Long eng n undred_ dollars per annum. hulflor thei fourth l;};-;1st;·1nct, embracing the coast of New Jersey, eighteen llars num. · For the fifth district, embracing the coast between Delaware and Chesapeake Bays, nfteen hundred dollars per annum. For the sixth district, embracing the coast between Chesapeake Bay and Cape Fear River eighteen hundred dollars per annum. Feztgnggventh di1sgn°ct,heré1brs=eing fthe eastern coast dig Florida and the _rg1aan _ u aroma, w we undred llarsperannnm. ali;' *2: $$3* t‘“.$‘itt;”;.”’%‘§2€ *‘{§’3“*.td‘1i‘ §§‘° "“*“" “'*°*°“ "°" 8 6 ¤ n n a m. For the ninth district? embracing the coasts (of m aéudlttario and ‘ Erie, eighteen hundred ollars per annum. Eor the tenth district, embracing the coasts of Lakes Huron and Supe§ior,311gh‘tleen hglndlredn dollars per annum. _or e even‘ is' emhracin theoastofliakhiieh eighteen hundred dollars pc;} annum. g 8 0igam For the twelnsh embracing the coasts of California, Oregon. and Washington Territory, one thousand eight hundred dollars per an-