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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 117 . 1882. 57 SECTION FIVE.—Thut the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby author- C<>¤¤p¤¤¤=¤¢i¤¤ of ized to appoint and fix the annual compensation of the several keepers {‘°°b¥;°"t;‘é"§ gm" 0f all stations and houses of refuge at such rate as he may deem just and ,.gm,yr:fT,eé;n;$` proper: I’rorided, That the compensation of any keeper shall not exceed Proviso. eight humlrcd dollars per annum; and the Secretary of the Treasury is also authorized to fix the pay of the men employed at the different stations, providcd the same shall not exceed fifty dollars per month SECTION six.-That crews may be employed at any of the life-saving Crows may be or lite-bout stations on the Pacific const during such portion of the year °!'éPl°Y:;1t °“ P“‘ as the general superintendent may decmneeessary. °' ° °° ' Src0T10x snvmz.-'1`lmt if any keeper or member ot; an crew of :1. life- Dis=¤!>i1i_ty i¤· saving or lifeboat station shall be so disabled by reason of any wound 3““’°d ;¤t1¤¤° °f or injury received or disease contmeted in the Lite-Saving Service in ](;;y0]}°c0:1p°;°:l:2 the line of duty as to unfit him for the performance of duty, such disa- tion during on bility to be determined in such manner as shall be prescribed in the regu- yearlutions of the service, he shall be continued upon the rolls of the service and entitled to receive his full pay during the continuance of such disability, not to exceed the period of one year, unless the general superintendent shall recommend, upon :1 statement of facts, the extension of the period through a portion or the whole of another year, and said recommendation receive the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury as just and reasonable; but in no case shall said disabled keeper or member of a crew be continued upon the roHs or receive pay for a longer period than two years. _ ' Section m<m·1·.-'1'hat if any keeper or member of a. crew of sn life- Death or keeper saving or life·boat station shall hereafter die by reason of perilous serv- M ¤¤<>£Ei¤¤‘_ ¤u ¤ viee or any wound or injury received or disease contracted in the Life- :}°;'ug ‘:if1‘;w';f_ saving service in the line of duty, leaving a widow, or a child or ,,;,;],1 ogwmuiv, children under sixteen years of age, such widow and child or chi]- fun pay for two dren shall be entitled to receive, in equal portions, during a period of ¥°¤¤· two years, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, the same amount payable quarterly, as far aspraeticable, that the husband or father would be entitled to receive as pay if he were alive and eontinued in the service: Provided, That if the widow mm. · shall re-marry at any time during the said two years, her portion of said amount shall cease to be paid to her from the date of her remarriage, but shall be added to the amount to he paul to the remaining beneticiaries under the provisions of this section, if there be any; and if any child shall arrive at the nge of sixteen years during the said two years, the payment of the portion of such child shall cease to be paid to such child from the date on which such age shall be attained, but shall be added to the amount to be paid to the remaining beneficiaries, if there be any. . Smccrron 1mm.-Tha.1: the life·sa.ving medals of the iirst and second umm to he of class authorized by the provisions of the seventh section of the act of Edd ud °*` ***1****- July twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, shall be hereafter i designated as the gold and silver lifesaving medal respectively, and any person who has received or may hereafter receive either of said medals under the provisions of said section, or the twelfth section of the act of June eighteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, and _ _ who shall again pertorm an ae.-t which would entitle him to a medal of k A¤•}¤:¤°¤¤* *°· the same class under said provisions, shall receive, and the Secretary °"“ ° °“°" of the Treasury is hereby authorized to award, in lieu of a second medal, a bar, suitably inscribed, of the same metal as the medal to which said person would be entitled, to be attached to a ribbon of such dese¤p· tion as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, which may be nistened to the medal already bestowed upon said person; and for every such additional act an additional bar may be added. And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized, in his discretion whenever any person becomes entitled to a bur representing a gold medal, to award him, in addition to said bar, such taken as it is customary to O