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64 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 145-147. 1882. May 15, 1882. CHAP. 145.-Au act to provzge for top ;p£o1g2m;;;3f as commission to investigate ,..-..1.-—-——— B q\lCS 10 • Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatijvee of tbe United Tuitf Commis- States of America in Congress assembled, Tnat a c0mm_1ssion 1g hereby ¤i¤¤· created to be called the “Ta.riiI` C0mm1ssion,” to consist 01 num members. mm, ,,0,,,,,,;,- Sec. 2. That tho President of tho United States shalb, lgy and with sioners. Compu- tho advice and consent of tho Sonata, appoint uma commxsgwnors from ¤·‘¤’¤¤¤· civil life, ono of whom, the Hrsb named, snail be the president of too — commission. The comuxissionors shall rocoxxo as clompcnsanocn for their _ serviécs each at tho rate of ton dollars por ay w on engage in active duty, and actual traveling and other necessary expenses. The commis- 8;,,,,0,;,,,],;,,, sion shall have power to employ a. stenogmphor ang} a messenger; and and messenger. the foregoing compensation and expenses to be audited and psud by tho C°¤¤P°¤¤m°¤· Secretary of the Treasury out of any moneys 111 the Treasury not; otherwise appropriated. · D¤*i¢¤· Sec. 3. That it shall be tho duty of said commission to take into consideration and to thoroughly investigate all the various questions rolating to tho agricultural, commercial, mercantile, inauufa.ct:uring, mining, and industrial interests of the United States, so far as tho same may be necessary be tho establishment of a. judicious t2\I'iH`,01‘ a. revision of the existing tariff upon a scale ofjusticc to all interests- and for the purpose of fully examining tho matters which may como before it, said commission in the prosecution of its inquiries, is empowered to visit such diiforcnt; portions and sections of tho country as it may deem advisable.` Ré1>¤¤- Sec. 4. That the commission shall make to Congress final report of the results of its investigation, and the testimony taken in the course of tho same., not later than tho first Monday of December, eighteen hundtgiedflgad eighty-two; ang shag cause the tubtgmonyéakcn to Se prin mtime to time an 'stri utod to mom rs of onvress y

 mpozs the Public Printer, and shall also cause to be printed for tho use of Con-
  • “““°°*“”°“Y· gross two thousand copies of its Hua] report, together with tho hostimozny. _

Approved, May 15, 1882. lay 15, 1882. CHAP. 146.-An act to authorize md direct tho Secretary ok War chan o tho name ---—-——t——- of Chains Alton Howard, a second lieutenant in the Ninth Regiment ot; Cavalry of gooarxay of tgrodflnitod Status, on the register, rolls, and records of the Army, to 11 6D]']' H Ollg. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Name ofChar1os States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War bc, A!:a¤>¤ ¥{¤*2={t;: and he 18 hereby, authorized and directed to change on the register, §m:’§°‘]§¤d’{0Dg rolls, grind ramrds of go §.rmg,él;c name of Charles Alton Howardila ` socou `eu nant in · c int gimeut of cavalry of the Army of t 0 United States, to Alton Henry Budloug; and that upon such change being made the said Alton Henry Budlong shall hold tho relative rank m smd regxmeut and Army winch be has heretofore held under the name of Charles Alton Howard, and shall be entitled to the same pay and emoluments, and to succeed tool} tho rights which he would have had under pho name and designation of Charles Alton Howard, and shall be subject to all tho habihmios, duties, and responsibilities that ho would have been subject or liable to under such name and designation. Approved, May 15, 1882. Mgy 17, {Q5; CHAP. 147.-—·A.n act donating condemned cannon and ummm bnbls to the city of ——~·-—-—-—-——-—-— Topeka, Kansas, fm- monumental purposes. · Be it enacted_ by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Condemned can- States of Amergea m Goagreas assembled, That the Secretary of War be, ¤¤¤· M, •?¤¤•¢¤"i and he hereby xs, authorized to deliver, if the same can be demo without