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FORTY-SEVEN TH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 147-149. 1882. 65 detriment to the govermnent, to the city of Topeka, Kansas, fom- con- fc city of Topeka, demned cast iron cannon and twenty cannon balls, to be placed on a. K"”S·» f" '"°'"" monument to be erected in memory of deceased soldiers in the Topeka m°nt’ °t°’ Cemetery. Approved, May 17, 1882. CHAP. 148.-An act donating cannon nnd cannombnlls for use and ornament about May 17, 1882. a suitable soldiers' monument, at Portland, Maine. - ———————— Bc it enacted by the Senate and House oj Representatives of the United Siam: of America in (/'vmgress assembled, Tlmt the Secretary of 'Wur be, C<>¤d¤¤¤¤¢>d <=¤¤- nnd he lierchy is, authorized to deliver, if the same can be done without QLZQE ‘Q£$‘;`,‘l‘1‘}“t&d etetriuwnt to the government, to Post Bosworth, Grand Army of the Aj; P0`;.,,;,):,,],},,;,,: lwpulnlic, Purtlmu], in the State of Maine, tbur condemned cast-iron ’ ’ vmmun and sixteen cannon-balls, for use und ornament about a suitable momunc-nt to be erected by said post. in honor of the deceased soldiers of the late war. Approved, May 17, 1882. CHAP. 149.-An act donating condemned cannon and cannon balls for monumental May 17, 1882 purpoeu. _...;.; Bc it enacted by the Senate and Hman Eégtepreaentativea of the United Stain ofAn•¢riau in Coyne: assembled, t the Secretary of War be, Donation own and he is hereby, nntho md and directed, if the same can be done with- *1*;*1******* °¤¤;:;{* out prejudioe to the public service, to deliver to the parties herein ,*}:1, °;‘u'Q;,°u‘Lw,m‘f munml the following condemned cannon for monumental purposes, Purposes_ namely: To the Charles Russell Lowell Post Number seven of the Grand Army Charles Russell of the Republic, of Boston, Massachusetts, two condemned cast-iron LOW]' Pm N0- 7» cannon guns and two condemned carriages, to be used for monumental °· A' B' pnuposes in the decoration of a free burial ground for ex-soldiers, sailors, and marines who have been honorably discharged from the service of the United States. To each of the towns of Woburn, Winchester, and Wakefield, in the Cemeteries: We- State of Massachusetts, four condemned cast-iron cannon, to be used in b¤¤‘¤» W¤¤¤!¤¤¤*f¤‘, the decoration of the soidicrs’ lot in the cemeteries in said towns. ;’;’;l__w“k"“° *1* To Post Number seventy-eight of the Grand Army of the Republic, Pm No. 18, G. district of Massachusetts, four condemned east iron cannon, to be used 1*- R-- S°¤*h AV fo: monumental purposes in the cemetery at South Abington, Massa- “‘g°°"* M“"‘ c usetts. ‘ To the McPherson Post Number seventy-three of the Grand Army of McPherson Pm the Republic, district of Massachusetts, four condemned mst iron can- §:·i¤7¤’•» G- A- B-- pm be used for monumental purposes in the cemetery at Abington, $""‘· H"" _ m State. To the Selectmen of the town of Paxton, in the county of Worcester, Soldier:? mmm- State of Massachusetts, four condemned cast-iron cannon, to be used ID ¤;¤§¤¤» I‘•¤*°¤» ornamenting the lot npon which the So1diers’ monument is erected in ""“‘_ said town of Paxton. To the selectmen of the town of Brimdeld, Massachusetts, four con- Soldiers' _ mmmdemned east-iron cannon to be used in the decoration of the soldiers’ g;:;*··B"'““°m· monument in said town. . _` _ To the William H. Bartlett Post number three of the Grand army of W»1n¤m§I.p¤g- the Republic-., of Taunton, Massachusetts, four condemned cast-u·0n can- ;’“RIj°”,{. m";! 2,,1* mmfarthepurposeofomamentingthehuria1groundsofdeeeased’,j,,,_’ f Union soldiers- also four condemned cast-iron cannon and four mnnon Fmelm mma- · hint Fo! Fermdil in Spriugield, Ohio. “ gag; Springfield, Approved, Hay 17, 1882. ' xxu-—-6