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CONVENTlON—PORT[TGAL. JULY 15, 1882. 923 the duplicate of that account, shall remit the amount of such balance by a bill of exchange upon Lisbon, to the order of the Director General of Mails, 'lblcgraplis, and Light-houses. ll' the balance is in thror of the United States, the administration of Mails Telegraphs,aml Light-houses, of Portugal shall remit the amount thereof by letter of exchange on New York to the order of the Postmaster General of the United States, fifteen days, at the latest, after the receipt of the account, with a verification of the account, made by the United States. Sec. 6. Whenever, in the interval between the quarterly statements, Payment on eeit is found that one of the two countries owes the other a balance exceed- count pending nnting four thousand five hundred milreis, or five thousand dollars, the *’1°'“““*“· Postal Administration of the debtor country shall transmit, without delay, in a letter of exchange, the approximate amount of such balance. Sec. 7. All expenses attending the remittance of bills of exchange Expenses of m. shall be at the charge of the debtor country. mittance. Anrrcmx 8. The present Detailed Regulations shall take effect at the same time Commencement. as the Convention of the fifteenth of July, 1882, and shall continue in Duration. force as long as the latter. Done in duplicate, and signed at Washington, the fifteenth day of July, 18S2T1M 0 HOWE °. . . Si atures. The Postmaster General [S;¤`é·&§Z§f°m·§: gu · of the United State:. VISGONDE DAS NOGUEIRAS On behalf of the Director General [M ,, ,,, ,,,,3, of Posts, Telegraphs, and Light- :,‘,,,,’3*;",,•;‘,5• “• houses of Portugal.