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188 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 196. 1892. nine messengers, at one thousand dollars each; six laborer , at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; two laborers in the water-closet, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; three laborers, including two in the cloak rooms, at six hundred dollars each; female attendant in ,°S¤v¤l¤¤¤§_gc¤_* of ladies’ retiring room, seven hundred and twenty dollars; superintendm”°°°°' ent of the folding room, two thousand dollars; three clerks in the folding room, one at one thousand eight hundred dollars and two at one thousand two hundred dollars each; one foreman, one thousand live hundred dollars; one messenger, one thousand two hundred dollars; one iolder in the sealing room, one thousand two hundred dollars; one page, five hundred dollars; one laborer, four hundred dollars; ten folders, at nine hundred dollars each; five folders at eight hundred and forty dollars each; three folders during the session, at seventy dollars per month each, eight hundred and forty dollars; fifteen folders, at seven huihdred and twenty dollars each; one night watchman, nine hundred dollars; one driver, six hundred dollars; fourteen messengers on the soldiers’ roll, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; P·z¤¤· M- two chief pages, at nine hundred dollars each; thirty-three pages, boys not under twelve years of age, during the session, including two riding pages, one telepho page, and one telegraph page, at two dollars and ilfty cents per daylgeh, nine thousand nine hundred and eighty~two dollars and fifty cents- two messengers during the session, at seventy I·""°"’”· °*‘°· dollars per month each, five hundred and sixty dollars; ten laborers during the session, at sixty dollars per month each, two thousand four hundred dollars; six laborers, known as cloak-room men, at fifty dollars per month each; horse and buggy, for department messenger, two hundred and fifty dollars; in all, one hundred and twenty-one thousand and twenty-six dollars and fifty cents. ___{¤:g¤»¤¢¤· ··¤i·*» OFFICE or Posrmsrmn: For Postmaster, two thousand ilve hun~ 'dred dollars; first assistant postmaster, two thousand dollars; ten . messengers, including messenger to superintend transportation of mails, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; three messengers during the session, at eight hundred dollars each, four messengers at one hundred dollars per month each; during the session, one thousand six hundred dollars; and one laborer, at seven hundred and twenty dollars; in all, twenty-one thousand two hundred and twenty dollars. H""" ‘“‘° ""g°““· For hire of horses and mail wagons for carrying the mails, three thousand seven hundred and seventy-five dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. · R·i>¤r¤¤s ¤¤l>¤¢¤¤- OFFICIAL Rmronrnns: For ilve official reporters of the proceedings and debates of the House, at five thousand dollars each; assistant ofiicial reporter, one thousand dollars, in all, twenty-six thousand dollars. °:¤*::*;$§b°” *° STENOGRAPHERS T0 COMMITTEES: For two stenographers to co1n· mittees, at four thousand dollars each, eight thousand dollars. i*·Ig¤¤£¤:__::·_• m That wherever the words “ during the session " occur in the foregoing iuxiilru. theydshall be construed to mean four mouths or one lumdred and twenty one ay . G··_¤ r i¤z¤¤# ¤¤- Fon Oourmorzur Exrrmsas, iwumnrz For materials for folding, Perqgidiug murmur. sixteen thousand dollars. Fuclnnd un. For fuel and oil for the heating apparatus, six thousand dollars. Furniture. For furniture, and repairs of the same, eight thousand dollars. Packing b¤x¤¤- For packing boxes, three thousand and five dollars. milf; =• ¤ °l l ¤ ¤ •> ° ¤ ¤ For miscellaneous items and expenses of special and select ronnnittees, ' twenty thousand dollars. Sminnm- For stationery for members of the House of Representatives, including not exceeding six thousand dollars for stationery for the use of the committees and officers of the House, forty-seven thousand eight hundred and seventy-five dollars. Pcmze stamps- For postage stamps for the Postmaster one hundred dollars; for the Clerk, two hundred dollars; for the Sergeantat-Arms, two hundred dollars; and for the Doorkeeper, twenty-tive dollars: in all, five hundred and twenty-five dollars.