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FIFTY-SECOND CON GBESS. Sess. I. Ch. 196. 1892. 189 PUBLIC PRINTING. Public priming- For compensation of the Public Printer, four thousand five hundred c,§{(‘s"“° P""·*°'• dollars; chief clerk, two thousand four hundred dollars; two clerks ° of class four, two clerks of class three; one clerk of class two; in all, fifteen thousand one hundred dollars. For contingent expenses, namely: For stationery, postage, advertis- Contingent exing, traveling expenses, horses, and wagons, and miscellaneous items, ’°““‘°" three thousand dollars. ( LIBRARY OF CONGRES . Li\>r¤ry¤fCc¤gr¤s¤. For compensation of Librarian, four thousand dollars, and for Librarian, assist twenty-eight assistant librarians, two at two thousand five hun- “"‘°·°”°· dred dollars each; two at one thousand eight hundred dollars eachtwo at one thousand six hundred dollars each; two at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each; eight at one thousand tour hundred dollars each, one of whom shall be in charge of international exchanges; nine at one thousand two hundred dollars each; one at seven hundred and twenty dollars; and two at six hundred dollars each; in all, forty-two thousand six hundred dollars. For purchase of books for the Library, four thousand dollars; for rmnm of books, purchase of law books for the Library, one thousand five hundred dol- °“’· lars; for the purchase by the Librarian of Congress of new books of reference for the Supreme Court, to be a part of the Library of Congress and purchased under the direction of the Chief Justice, one thousand five hundred dollars; for expenses of exchanging public documents for the publications of foreign Governments, one thousand five hundred dollars; for purchase of files of periodicals, serial , and newspapers, two thousand five hundred dollars; in all, eleven thousand dollars. For contingent expenses of the Library, one thousand dollars. 0¤¤¤i¤g¤¤t ex- For expenses of the copyright business, five hundred dollars. °°Z,!§:,°y}ight°,P,,.,.._ To enable the Librarian of Congress to continue the work upon the ommgus. Catalogue of the Congressional Library, two thousand five hundred dollars. BOTANIC GARDEN. imma amish. For superintendent, one thousand eight hundred dollars; for assist- snpszmwnusnr, sw. ants and laborers, under the direction of the Joint Library Committee of Congress, twelve thousand and ninety-three dollars and seventy tive cents; in all, thirteen thousand eight hundred and ninety-three dollars and seventy-five cents. For procuring manure, tools, fuel, purchasing trees and shrubs, and Repairs and imfor labor and material in connection with repairs and improvements to ‘“`°"°"‘°""‘ Botanic Garden, under direction of the Joint Library Committee of Congress, five thousand dollar . EXECUTIVE. E¤~¤¤¤*¤· For compensation of the President of the United States, fifty thou PfjQ;f,§;§f““°“°’“h° sand dollars. For compensation of the Vice-President of the United States, eight vita-rmmm. thousand dollars. For compensation to the following in the office of the President of F·¤¤¤¤¢iv¤¤f¤¤¤· the United States: Private secretary, five thousand dollars; assistant Private swrcmy. secretary, two thousand five hundred dollars; one executive clerk and °'“’· disbursing clerk and one executive clerk, at two thousand dollars each; two clerks of class four; two clerks of class three; steward, one thousand eight hundred dollars; usher to the President, one thousand eight