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302 rmrr-snoonn oononnss. sms. 1. cn. au. 1892.

 To pay to the widow of Francis B. Spinola, late a Representative in

` Congress hom the State of New York, five thou and dollars. p stgekimse. To pay to the legal heirs of E. T. Staekhouse the amount of salary for ° °the unexpired term of his service as a member of the Fifty-second Congress, four thousand and fourteen dollars and ten cents. Jvagles item. To pay to the widow of James Phelan the amount of salary for the °w°' unexpired term of his service as a member of the Fiftyiirst Congress, four hundred and sixty-three dollars and thirty-seven cents. mmm mmm. For allowance to the following contestants and contestees, audited and recommended by the Committee on Elections, for expenses in- · curred by them in contested election cases, namely: M¤¤¤·i·>rK-0=¤*s- Alexander K. Craig, two thou and dollars; Andrw Stewart Andrew Stewart, two thousand dollars; Henry r.m»y». Henry T. Noy:3 two thousand dollars; John Vqicbullle. John V. MoD e, two thousand dollars; Louis w. ·rm·pi¤. Louis W. Turpin, two thousand dollars; uma n.nwkw¤u. Hosea H. Rockwell, two thousand dollars; b ·T<;_l¤= A- Q¤¤<=k¤¤· John A. Quackenbush, eight hundred dollars; in all, twelve thou- °' and eight hundred dollars. swam. For stationery, three hundred and seventy-five dollars. omem reporters To reimburse the official reporters of the proceedings and debates of """°""‘“P"°"· the House of Representatives and the official stenographers to committees for the moneys paid by them so far during the present session for clerical hire and extra clerical services, one thousand dollars each; in all, seven thousand dollars. Jtim w. 1mm. To pay John W. Daniel extra compensation for preparing statistical _ P“""‘°“" ‘°‘ tables, and for services rendered to the Committee on Ways and Means, three hundred dollars. secnxiim cmu-. To pay Charles Carter for services in caring for the sub-committee °°°‘ room of the Committee on Appropriations, sixty dollars; 6e<>rs¤w.1m. To pay George W. Rae for services as assistant clerk to the Committee on Claims, from January second to January twenty-iirst, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, one hundred and fourteen dollars. To pay the following accounts, which have been audited and recommended by the Committee on Accounts, namely: G§;'$;m“g.m ml To pay H. G. Clement and G. H. Watkins for extra services rendered the folding room, three hundred dollars each, six hundred dollars. C·W·C¤¤¤¤¤¤- To pay C. W. Coombs for extra services rendered, two hundred and fifty dollars. nspomng. For reporting hearings and testimony taken by committees of the House, when the official stenographers of committees were otherwise engaged, namely: James u.rmm-. To pay James M. Fisher, four hundred and thirty dollars and fifty cents- ·l°¤¤ W·H¤l¤°· To John W. Hulse, one hundred dollars- Henry¤¤. T;) Henry G. Hayes, three hundred and sixteen dollars and fifteen cen s; ""““" F·D°Fl°· To Frank F. Doyle, twenty-four dollars and twenty-five cents; in all, eight hundred and seventy dollars and ninety cents. wctnauetmoreieva- To pay the conductors of the elevators in the House wing of the "‘ Capitol the difference between their respective salaries and one thousand two hundred dollars per annum each, as follows: To L B. Cook and George Winters, for fiscal years eighteen hundred and ninety-one and eighteen hundred and ninety-two, two hundred dollars each; to R. R. Gibbs and Samuel D. Sterne, from July first, eighteen hundred and ninety to January thirty-tirst, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, inclusive, one hundred and fifty-eight dollars and sixty cents each; to R. W. Goudelock and C. L. Williams, hom February first to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, including forty-one dollars and eighty-eight cents each; in all, eight hundred dollars. George w. cooper. To pay George W. Cooper the difference between his salary as page · in the folding room and that of an assistant clerk, at seventy-tive dol-