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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 56, 57 . 1892. 23 switches and run cars as follows: From the intersection of its tracks Extension omiwks. at Ninth street with B street northwest north on Ninth street to G. street northwest over the tracks of the Metropolitan Railway Company; thence west on G. street northwest to Eleventh street northwest over the tracks of Eckington and Soldiers’ Home Railway Company; thence south on Eleventh street to E. street northwest, and east on E street to Ninth street on the tracks of the Capitol, North O Street and South VVashington Railway Company; thence south on Ninth street to B street on the tracks of the Metropolitan Railway Company. That in construction of its tracks herein authorized the pattern of the rail used mais. shall be the standard flat grooved rail and approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, and that all rails laid under authority of this act shall be on a level with the surface of the street: Provided, Promo. That the said company shall commence work within three months and (_0Q]*;{·$$)Q]°°m€¤” wl complete the same within six months from the approval of this act.` Sec. 2. That, should any part of the track extension herein authorized tgioy ¤¤o fr¤¤k¤ of coincide with portions of any other duly incorporated street railway in ° H °°"’p”'m°S` the District of Columbia, but one set of tracks shall be used when, on account of the width of the street or for other sufficient reason, it shall be deemed necessary by the Commissioners of the District; and the relative conditions of use and of chartered rights maybe adjusted upon T"’”"’ °f““°· terms to be mutually agreed upon between the companies, or, in case of disagreement, by the supreme court of the District of Columbia, on ‘ petition filed therein by either party and on such notice to the other , party as the court may order. Sec. 3. That this Road shall exchange tickets with other roads where Exchange nokots. their tracks unite. , Sec. 4. That Congress may at any time amend, alter, or repeal this A¤¤¤¤dr¤o¤t owact. Approved, April 30, 1892. CHAP. 57.-An act to amend the charter of the Rock Creek Railroad Company. April 30, 1892. Be it enacted by the Senate and Ho. " of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembleu, That the Rock Creek Railroad Rook Qrook Reil- Company be, and it is hereby, authorized to extend its road from its r°§’§}gJ.),g§.;,, .,f,,,,ck,_ present terminus on U street to Florida avenue, thence along Florida avenue to North Capitol street: Provided, That it shall run on the Proiviso. same track with the Metropolitan Railroad Company between Ninth Uooofoihor moksand Seventh streets. Said company is authorized to extend a branch Brunch r0¤d· road from a point on its line in Cliifburne tract across the Adams Mill road to Kansas street, thence along Kansas street to Ontario avenue, thence along or adjacent to Ontario avenue to the east line of the Zoological Park, on such line as shall be approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia. That the extension and branch herein provided for shall be subject, in all respects, to the acts of Congress Vol. 25, p.190; vu. granting and amending the charter of the Rock Creek Railway Com- *’“· W 12* 8% pany as fully as if such acts were incorporated herein. Sec. That whenever the route of the foregoing extension coincides Use of other tvwkswith the track occupied by the Metropolitan Railroad Company, both companies shall use the same track upon such fair and equitable terms as may be agreed upon by said companies; and in the event that said companies shall fail to agree upon equitable terms, either of said com- rams or im. panics may apply by petition to the supreme court of the District of Columbia, who shall hear and determine summarily the matter in due form of law, and adjudge to the proper party the amount of compensa tion to be paid therefor. Whenever more than one of the tracks of said railroad company shall he constructed on any of the streets, avenues, or other public highways in the District of Columbia, the width of space width between b€tWOBD the two tracks shall not exceed four feet, unless otherwise *“"’k“‘ especially ordered by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia.