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516 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. ll. Ch. 185. 1893. nina. For pay of the Military Academy band, nine thousand two hundred and forty dollars. Longevity psy, For additional pay of professors and officers (on increased rank) for length of service, nine thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. risia musicians. For pay of field musicians: One sergeant, two hundred and four dollars; Fourteen privates, two thousand one hundred and eighty-four dollars- Additional pay for length of service, two hundred and eighty-eight dollars: Retained pay on discharge, two hundred and eightyeight dollars: Clothing on discharge, two hundred and eighty-one dollars and eight cents; in all, three thousand two hundred and fortynve dollars and eight cents. cnmnz sxpsnsss. For current expenses as follows: _ xspms, sm. Repairs and improvements, namely: Timber, planks, boards, joists, wall strips, laths, shingles, slate, tin, sheet lead, zinc, nails, screws, locks, hinges, glass, paints, turpentine, oils, varnish, brushes, stone, brick, flag, lime, cement, plaster, hair, sewer and drain pipe, blasting powder, fuse, iron, steel, tools, machinery, mantels, and other similar materials, renewing roofs, and for pay of overseer and master builder and citizen mechanics, and labor employed upon repairs and improve— ments that can not be done by enlisted men, sixteen thousand dollars. hd ml light For fuel and apparatus, namely: Coal, wood, charcoal, stoves, grates, heaters, furnaces, ranges and fixtures, fire bricks, clay, sand, repairs of steam·heating apparatus, grates, stoves, heaters, ranges, and furnaces, mica, twenty thousand dollars. For gas pipes, fixtures, lamp·p0sts, gasometers, and retorts, and annual repairs of the same, one thousand five hundred dollars. d liior fuel for cadets’ mess hall, shops, and laundry, three thousand 0 ars. Pnstagmew. For postage and telegrams, two hundred and fifty dollars. S¢•¤¤¤¤ry- For stationery, namely: Blank books, paper, envelopes, quills, steel pens, rubbers, erasers, pencils, mucilage, wax, wafers, folders, fasteners, rules, files, ink, inkstands, typewriting supplies, penholders, tape, desk knives, blotting pads, and rubber bands, eight hundred dollars. rrsnnspni-misn,s¢n. For transportation of materials, discharged cadets, and ierriages, one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. Printing Printing: For printing and binding, type, materials for office, including repairs to motor and other machinery, diplomas for graduates, annual registers, blanks and monthly reports to parents of cadets, one thousand dollars. Clerks- For clerk to the disbursing officer and quartermaster, thirteen hundred and fifty dollars. For clerk to adjutant in charge of cadet records, thirteen hundred and fifty dollars. For clerk to treasurer, one thousand five hundred dollars. For one clerk to the suljutant, one thousand dollars. For one clerk to the quartermaster, one thousand dollars. a,£°g“;t'm·"j_QF gd"?;; For department of cavalry, artillery, and infantry tactics, namely; ssntiy tactics'. For tan bark or other proper cover for riding hall, to be immediately available and to be purchased in open market on written order of the Superintendent, six hundred dollars; For repairing camp stools and camp furniture, one hundred dollars; For furniture for offices and reception room for visitors, one hundred dollars: For stationery for use of instructor and assistant instructors of tactics, one hundred and fifty dollars; For plumes for cadet officers of the first class, seventy-five dollars; For tbils, masks, belts, fencing gloves and fencing jackets, gaiters, and repairs, two hundred and fifty dollars;