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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 208. 1893. 573 and eighty-eight, chapter sixty-four, page eighty-one, volume twenty- tvc, United States Statutes at Large, be, and the same is hereby, amended so as to prescribe that the limit of cost of the site and build- I-gg vf ¤<>¤•¤ i¤- ing, including heating apparatus, elevators, and approaches, complete "° ` for the use and accommodation of the United States post-oflice and other Government offices and uses in the city of Buffalo and State of New York shall not exceed the sum of two million dollars, and so as to authorize and direct the Secretary of the Treasury to be governed by the provisions of this act in the erection of said building. For custom-house at New York, New York: N"' Y°*· N- Y- That section three of an act entitled “An act for the erection of a new _B¤¤i1`;i0i{¤z c·»¤¤¤i¤— cnstom-house in the city of New York, and for other purposes,” approved °“}}`Ji, z¤,i;.i’§°gi, lfarch third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, is hereby repealed. That the further sum of ten thousand dollars, or so much thereof as ·l*¤=l¤¤<>¤· Micknay be necessary, is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the United States Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the completion of a public building at Jackson, Michigan. For post-office at Washington, District of Columbia: W°¤'=i¤¤*>¤~D· C- For continuation of building under present limit, two hundred thouaand dollars. For the purchase of site for and construction of the public building H°““°°“·M°· at Houlton, Maine, the sum of sixteen thousand dollars, in addition to the sum heretofore appropriated, and the limit of the cost of the °*` **0** *··~ said building is hereby increased to sixty-six thousand dollars. For Treasury building at Washington, District of Columbia: For }'Q"'£§¢§*,j",;r{,’,;Sff;,,,, repairs to Treasury, Butler, and Winder buildings, eight thousand buildingsdollars. For Marine Hospital at Wilmington, North Carolina: For sewer con- ]}',*{'g;‘f§*0§f,,,1:i_°· nections and water tanks, two thousand dollars. For repairs of Custom House, Chicago, Illinois: For repairing of §lgf§}§,'?jm· Custom House, Chicago, Illinois, twenty thousand dollars. _ For Custom-House and Subtreasury at Chicago, Illinois: For exten- E‘°°“**‘°“· sion on Dearborn street to aiford additional floor space for the postoffice, one hundred thousand dollars. sm, Amana W For completing the public building at Saint Albans, Vermont, twenty- ' ive thousand dollars. rtnnmn om;. For public building at Portland, Oregon: That the limit of cost of Limit ·>f¤s:. the public building at Portland, Oregon, for custom-house and other Government offices and site therefor is hereby iixed at seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. gh no _, __ For the construction of an additional story to the public building nt" ”‘"“‘“"‘ Sheboygan, Wisconsin, five thousand dollars. Fox immxrus AND I’RESERVA.Cl`ION OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS: Repairs wlg:i;l=·**=· ··¤··¤ vr•¤¤¤- and preservation of custom houses, courthouses, postoflices, marine ` hospitals, quarantine stations, and other public buildings under control of Treasury Department, two hundred thousand dollars; of which amount the sum of thirty thousand dollars to be used tbr the marine hospitals and quarantine stations: ‘Prm·£ded, That of the sum hereby rmaqt. appropriated, not exceeding ten thousand dollars may be used, in the S“’°"“‘°"‘°“*‘°· discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, in the employment of superintendents and others at a rate of compensation not exceeding for Limit or pay. any one person, six dollars per day. w _ HHAHNG Ariuuurvs ron Prsmc Bnixmrzvcsz For heating, hoist- a§··¤¢i{·s-ew-· =·i·r¤ mg, and ventilating apparatus, and repairs to the same, for all public r °°’ ° °` buildings, including marine hospitals, and quarantine stations under control of the Treasury Department, exclusive of personal services, except for work done by contract, one hundred and twenty-tive thousand dollars; but of this amount not exceeding ten thousand dollars l·i¤¤* M ·>¤¤¤¤¥ re lilly be expended for personal services of mechanics employed H0111 Pam' tune to time for casual repairs only.