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586 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 208. 1893. Limit m umm officers and assistants to the Board of Control and Management of the “°'“°°°· Government exhibit, appointed by the President, of which not exceeding ten thousand dollars may be expended by said Board for clerical services one hundred and fifty thousand seven hundred and fifty dol- 1r¤¤¤¤•1i=¤¢¤1y•v¤i1=» lars; of which sum fifty thousand dollars shall be immediately availm$&,,,,,,,_ able: Provided, That the sum of eight thousand dollars or so much m:,¤i¤l¤=·;l°{,¤°d by thereof as may be necessary, may be expended under the supervision `grm °° °g°°' of the board of Control of the United States Government exhibit in the collection, preparation, packing, trasportation, installation, and care while exhibited of articles loaned or donated by the colleges of agriculture and mechanic arts in the several States for the display in the agricultural building of the Exposition, of the means and methods of giving instruction in the so-called land-grant college of the United States, and for re-packing and returning this property at the close of the Exposition, the same to be taken from the sum apportioned to the _ , Agricultural Department; and ten thousand dollars additional for .,;§,’l,'}{,°"""°'”v“` s cial ex uses attending the naval exhibit of the model of a battle E9 P9 s 1p. wears camera Wo1zLn’s Conommlm CoMM1ss1oN: For the World’s Columbian °°"“'°"‘°“’ Commission, two hundred and eleven thousand three hundred and emu of my mm. seventy-five dollars, of which sum ninety-three thousand one hundred =‘g°"· and ninety dollars shall be used for the Board of Lady Managers; and bg¤m¤¤i·¤¤1y•v¤¤=— twenty-five thousand dollars of the last sum is hereby made immedi- ' ately available; and ten thousand dollars of the appropriation for the

 25 eu: Board of Lady Managers shall be paid in souvenir coins of the denom-

°°"'"°"°‘““"'°“· ination of twenty-five cents, and for that purpose there shall be coined at the mints of the United States silver quarter dollars of the legal weight and fineness, not to exceed forty thousand pieces, the devices and designs upon which shall be prescribed by the Director of the Mint, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury; and said silver coins shall be manufactured from uncurrent subsidiary silver coins now in the Treasury; and all provisions of law relative to the Mm ¤¤¤<1¤r- coinage, legal-tender quality, and redemption of the present subsidiary silver coins shall be applicable to the coins herein authorized to be isogggggaamm sued; and a sum not exceeding five thousand dollars may be used by ' the Director-Ggieral in his discretion for incidental and contingent exenses of his office. c¤mm1¤gs»¤,j¤a;¤¤, P To enable said Commission and the Board of Lady Managers to give ‘““ °‘*“°“‘"“· effect to and execute the provisions of section six of the act of Congress v¤1.zs, approved April twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and ninety, authorizing the WOI'](l,S Columbian Exposition, and appropriating money therefor, relating to committees, judges, and examiners for the Exposition, and the granting of awards, five hundred and seventy thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars, or so much thereof as in the judgment of the Immediately umn- Lady Managers may be necessary, of which sum twenty-five thousand "l‘}>,,,,,,,,,_ dollars shall be immediately available: Provided, That of this sum one .n¤qS·¤, em., ap- hundred thousand dollars shall be devoted to the payment of judges, {°,}}')f°M·Q{gf;?“ °‘ examiners, and members of committeesto be appointed by the Board of Lady Managers, as authorized by said section. And Proridcd further, R¢r=·y¤¤¤¤f· That said sum of five hundred and seventy thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars shall be a charge against the World’s Columbian Exposition, and that of the moneys appropriated for the benefit of the World’s Columbian Exposition, amounting to two million five hundred thousand .4-»¢¤·. p. sw. dollars, under the act of August fifth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, five hundred and seventy thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars shall be retained by the Secretary of the Treasury until said Worlds Columbian Exposition shall have furnished to the satisfaction of the T., be ,,,.,;,,1,, ,,,,_ Secretary of the Treasury, full and adequate security for the return and gggvgrig for r¤r¤y~ repayment, by said YVorlds Columbian Exposition to the Treasury, of ' the sum of five hundred and seventy thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars, on or before October first, eighteen hundred and ninety-three; and until such security shall have have been furnished by said Worlds