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1004 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. P*°°**°- 0 this appropriation: Promkied, That all clerks to Members, Del ates mif?»i°:¤¤E»`ii°;SisY° th and Rlgidgnt Commissioners shall be placed on the roll of e11i¢p£l€>yees of the House and be sub`ect to be removed at the will of the ember, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner by whom they are appointed; and any Member Delegate, or Resident Commissioner may alppoint one or more clerks, who shall be placed on the roll as the c erk of such Member, Delegate, or Resi ent Commissioner making such a ointments. ‘}’g$,¥;f'*,,f,',§,;,P€£f°· Pgonrmormr nxrnnsnsz For wralpping paper, pasteboard, paste, twine, newspaper wrappers, and other necessary materials for folding for use o Members, the Clerk’s office, and folding room, not including envelo es, writing pager, and other paper and materials to be rinted and furnished by the Public Printer, upon requisitions V°‘· ”·P-**2* from lihe Clerk of the House, imder provisions of the Act approved · Janu twelfth, eigihteen hundred and ninety-five, $10,000. _ F“'¤‘°“*°- Foiilfiirniture, an materials for repairs of the same, $20,000. P°°¤“¤ "°’°°· For packing boxes, $4,350, or so much thereof as may be necess . liiseellaueousitems. lg`; miscellaneous items and exrixanses of special and select committees, exclusive of salaries and bor, unless specifically ordered by the House of Representatives, $75,000. sammy- For stationery for Representatives, Delegates, and Resident Commissioners, including $5,000 for stationery for the use of the commiistees and officers of th; House; $60,000. C1 k . S0 rams stamps. or the stam s: ostmas er, $250; er , $450; ant at Arms, $P$•30?gl)oorkeiiper, $150; in all, $1,150. rgc immense mr- the For driving, maintenance, and operation of automobile for the °p°“°" Speaker of the House of Representatives, $1,500. L,,,,,,,y,,,C,,,,g,,,,_ LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. 1.u¤¤a¤,·w. General administration: Librarian, $6,500; chief assistant librarian, $4,000; chief clerk, $2,500; librarian’s secretary, $1,800; clerks—one $1,200, two at $1,000 each; stenographers and typewriters—one $1,200, one $780; messenger, $840; messen er to chief assistant librarian, $540; junior messenger, $420; operaior of photogiiaphic copying machine, $600; in all, $22,380. 1(ailanddellvery. ail and delivery: Assistants——one in charge, $1,500, one $960, one $720; junior messenger, $420; in all, $3,600. 0r<1¤r¤¤d ¤c¤¤¤¤¤¤¤. Order and accession: Chief of division, $2,500; assistants——~one $1,500, one $1,200, three at $960 each, two at $780 each, two at $600 each, one $580; two junior messenggrs at $420 each; in all, $12,260. ugnzlnrxusgg §1¤¤m¤» Catalogue classification, and s elf: Chief of division, $3,000; ’ ’ chief classifier, $2,000; assistants-—four at $1,800 each, seven at $1,500 each, six at $1,400 each, twelve at $1,200 each, six at $1,000 each, fourteen at $960 each, four at $860 each, thirteen at $780 each, ghngeen lat $608% eachbggur at $540 each; six junior messengers, at 42 eac ;m ,$91, . Btwn;. Binding: Assistants——one in charge, $1,500, one $900; junior messerpgger, $420· m all,_$2,820. Bibumphy. ibliograpliy: Chief of division, $3,000; assistants—one $1,500, two at $960 each, one $780; stenographer and typewriter, $900; junior messenger, $420; in all, $8,520. ¤•<¤¤¢¤··¤¤=» Reading rooms (including evening service) and special collections: Superintendent, $3,000; ass1stants—two at $1,800 each, five at $1 200 each (mcluding one m room for the blind), two at charging desk at $1,080 each, three at $900 each, ten at $780 each, two at $600 each; steno¥apher and typewriter, $960; attendants-—Senate reading room, $900, BPPBSBDEBUVBS, reading roo1n—one $960, one $780 · two in cloakroom at $720 each, one in Toner Library $900, one in Washingtonian