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1026 SIXTY-THIRD ooivennss. sms. III. on. 141. 1915. 0,%;*** I¤*°l“8¤¤°¤ Omen or NAVAL INTELLIGENCE! Clerks——one of class four, one of ` class three, one $1,300, three at $1,000 each; two translators, at $ 1,400 each; assistant draftsman, $1,200; messenger boy, $600; in all, $12,300. §Y·*¤·¢¤, i 1>'=*° °¤°=· Hrnnoorurmo Orrrcnz Hydro aphic engineer, $8,000; assistants———one $2,200, one $2,000; chielgrclerk, $1,800; nautical exE1erts—- one $1,800, one $1,600, one $1,400, three at $1,200 each, thee at $1,000 each; clerks—one of class two, one of class one; custodian of archives, $1,200; copyists-three at $900 each, one $840, two at $720 each; compiler, $1,400; editor of Notice to Mariners, $1,800; comuter, $1,400; draftsmen-four at $1 800 each, four at $1,600 each, fbur at $1,400 each, four at $1,200 each, ten at $1,000 each, one $900; three apprentice draftsmen, at $700 each; engravers-—chief $2,000, two at $1,800 each, three at $1,600 each, one $1,400, six at $1,200 each, two at $1,000 each, one $720; apprentice engravers——one $800, one $700; plate printers--chief $1,400, one $1,200, one $1,000, two at $900 eac , one $800; apprentice plate pr1nters—one $700, one $600 ; lithographers——chief $1,800, two at $1000 each, apprentice $700; process photographer, $1,600; hthoggiphic transferer, $1,400; lithographic pressman, $1,400; photograp c printer, $1,200; two negative cutters, at $1,000 each; two fee ers, at $480 each; electrotyper and chart plate maker, $1,400; assistant messenger; four laborers; helpers—two 5:; $720 each, two at $660 each, one $600, one $500, one $480; in , $123,660. ’““"""‘ For copperplates, steel plates, chart paper, packing boxes, chart portfolios, electrotyping coppleirppgates, c eaning copperplates; tools, instruments, power, an mate for drawing, engraving, and print.- ing; materials for and moun ; reduction of charts by photography; photolithogaphing c for immediate use; transfer of photo `t ographic an other charts to copper care and repairs to printing presses, furniture, instruments, an tools; extra drawing and engraving; translating from foreggn languages ;_telegrams on public P"""°”‘"" business; preparation of Pilot arts and their supplements, and rinting and mailing same; aqurchase of data for charts and sailin directions and other nautic publications; books of reference and works and periodicals relating to hydrography, marine meteorology navigation, surveying, oceanography, and terrestrial magnetism, and to other professional and technical subjects connected with the work Bmw mm of the Hydrographic Office, $26,900. _ c,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,_ Contmgent expenses of branc offices at Boston, New ‘York, Philadelphia, altimore, Norfolk, Savannah, New Orleans, San Francisco, Portland (Ore on), Portland (Maine), Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Duluth, Sault Sainte Marie, Seattle, Panama, and Galveston, including furniture, fuel, lights, works and periodicals relating to hydrography, marine meteorology, nayigation, surveymg, oceanography, and terrestrial magnetism, stationery, miscellaneous articles, rent and care of offices, care of time balls, car fare and ferriage in visiting merchant vessels, freight and express charges, telegrams, and other necessary expenses incurred in collecting e latest information for the Pilot Charts, and for other purposes for which the offices were zmp|¤Y°°¤- csililiinllsslelreiiriicgdcegf) emplotyees at branch offices, $17,960. ,§f,§,‘§?,·‘£},,,,“$,,'Y,§,}’,'§; No expenditure shall be incurre or authorized for rsonal services an-ncaa. or otherwise under the Hydroigraphic Office at Wasli)ii1gton, District of Columbia, during the fisc year nineteen hun and sixteen except as herein authorized _ by apggopriations imder the Navy Depzirtment or nmder appropriations t at may be made for printing an inding. N"°` °°°°"°°°"‘ NAVAL nsnnvyronrz Assistant astronomers-—one $2,400, one $2,000, one $1,800; assistant in department of nautical instruments, $1,600; clerks-one of class four, one of class two; instrument maker, $1,500; electrician, $1,500; librarian, $1,800; assistants—three at