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1078 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 143. 1915. i‘·,1§;l;¤· and Pm CONSTRUCTION, REPAIR, AND MAINTENANCE, MILITARY. AND posr mas. etldi ROADS, mzmcns, AN? ;rnr:hAr1.s, ALAdsKA: For tg: clpnsltructioné rppalig, and maintenance 0 °tary an pos roa , ri ges, an ra , T `to of Alaska, $165 000. Philiprgno Islands- s AND QUABTIIRS, PHHJITINE IsLANDs: Continuing the mgim md °°°r` work of providing for the properlgheltcaréind p1i0t;fclt;ilpn of réiiicers arlad nlistedmenoft eArmyoft e United Statesa yon utyint e Philippine Islands, including repairs and pigment of rents, the acquisition of title to buildang sites, and sucér ai] `tgglns tpsexisltipg rxplitaliiiy ationsasma enecessa.ry,a.n m u ga os eter ort e “ and supplies, and all other ·buildingi;_hnecessary for post {,’Q’g‘{*;',c,,,m 0,, administration purposes, $400,000: Promded, at no part of said amount rox ¤m¤¤¤¤’ sum shall be expen ed for the constructron of eihuarters for officers of ‘*“"'°°”‘ the Army the total cost of which, including the eating and plumbing apparataris, wiring land iixtuires, shall egrceed lin the casgi of qularters 0 er officer the sum 0 $8,000· 0 a co one or 0 cer a ove the · ieazigrki-in of captain, $6,000; and of ari officer of and below the rank of ,p'f;;l¤;g;%*;g?¤*:,§§; captain, $4,000: Provided further, That on and after October first, reduced. nineteen hundred and fifteen, no officer or enlisted man of the Arm shall, except upon his own request, be realuired to serve in a. singlye tour of duty for more than two years in e Philippine Islands, nor · more than three years m the Panama Canal _Zone, except in case of hmmm msurrect1c;n or 0 actual or thrlegzjgened hostihtres: grovzded further, ‘P an • 8°°¤*= That the or o` provision s not appy to e organization m;l:;i;d`md known as th:I’h1il1gppine Scouts. F I h - · °‘“"gf ilrornmo AND CAMP AND GARRIBON EQULPAGE: or c ot , woolens mdmmmqdm nlraterials, phd for thai and manufacture of clothingnfpri t e Army or issue an or s e at cost price according` to the Regulatioiis; for payment for clothing not drawn due to enlisted men on discharge; for altering fitting clothing and washing and cleaning when necessary; for equrpage, including authorized issues of toilet articles, barbers and ta1lors' materials, for use of general prislciners c<}nfinegh at militaryhlposlttislzivithoglrt pag or allowances and ap 'cants or e `stment w `e e un er 0 ation· iss f todet kits to recruits upon their first enlistment and ixue, of libiisgwives to the Army; for expenses of packing and handling and similar necessaries; for a suit of citizen’s outer clot ing, to cost not exceeding $10, to be issued urglaon release from confinement to each prisoner d it I d who has been_co ed under a court·martial sentence involving ¤J€y¤%"‘Ei¤l»a¤'§Y JSC dishonprablp dhnlfharggbfoir indemnity go cltiiciars amgd men of the y or c ot v an e ding, an so ort estro since A `l P twentg-second, eighteen hundred and ninety-dight, byyorder of midi- RL‘§{‘,';,‘§{3,, .,, 0,,,,. cal officers of the Army for sanitary reasons, $6,693,000: Provided,

cj“_*g_Q¤=¤· That hereafter whenever contracts which are not to be performed

within sixty dags are made on behalf of the Government by the Quartermaster eneral, or b officers of the Quartermaster Corps authorized ltolprlake l§l€II1;i8.11g&l;B.I1l excgss of $5a%) in amount, such con rac s s a e re uce to wnting an signe y the contracting parties. In_ all other cases contracts shall be e t d t d Summa g such regulations as may be prescribed by the Quarilercrivieastgri Geiigrailli ,,,,1 ,,,,Bi,,;,,,§“',,.,”,,"’°‘_ * Promdedfurtluzr, That all the money herembefore appro riated under iuggsmag ¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¢ the titles Subsistence of the Army, Regular Su plies—Q‘iiartermaster Corpxs, Incidental Egenses-—Quartermaster Corps, Transportation of the Army and its upplies, Water and Sewers at Military Posts, and Clothing and Cam and Garrison E ui ave shall be disbursed and accounted for by ogicers and agents of the¤Quartermaster Corps as "Supplies, Services, and Transportation, Quartermaster Corps/’ y§;‘&'°h*’”'“"**°*¤ and for that purpose shall constitute one fund: Promkled further, 'lgiat hereafter funds appropriated for sugiport of the Army may used for the procurement of supplies to e held in store for issue