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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1915. 1087 each; nine cabinetrnakers or carpenters, at $1,020 each; three cabinetmakers or carpenters, at $900 each; one electrician, $1,100; one elec— trical wireman, $1,000; one electrical wireman, $900; three electrician’s helpers, at $720 each; two painters, at $1,000 each; four painters, at $900 each; five plumbers or steam litters, at $1,020 each; one plumberfs helper, $840; two plumber’s helpers, at $720 each; one lagkspiéltih, $933; oréeséiggtenagitfoftthp watclg §11;000; ttv;<;2l5eute{11— ,,§'“‘°”“‘°“·'“”°'°”· an o ewa ,a eac;ory—ourwac en,a eac; five mechanics at $1,200 each; two skilled laborers, at $960 each; one janitor, $900; twenty-twvo assistant messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at $600 each; one carriage driver, $600; twenty-one laborers or messenger boys, it %§80 eaclli; one charwoipggé $54g; two charwomen, at $480 eac ; teen c arwomen, at eac ; §o;g2e0x1t5·a labor and emergency employments, $12,000; in all, Sainnms, Orrrom or Farm MANAGEMENT: Two clerks, class three; Ogg? “°"“‘“”°“* one clerk, class two; six clerks, class one; one clerk, or photographer, $#1******- 3%,012); Lrigmglglerksil ati $1,030 lggch; six clerks, at $;9§§)2gac;i‘;hthree c er a eac · our er , or ma racers, a e ; one messeiiger or laborer; $720; one messenggr, messenger boy, or laborer, $660; three messengers, messenger boys, or laboreis, at $480 each; one messenger boy $360; one messenger boy, $300; four char- _ women, at $240 each; one photographer, $1,400; one photographer or ézlerk, $900; one map) tracer, $7%); m gill; $36,080. F th 6 Gmm ummm. ENEEAL EXPENSES, Emon or ARM NAGEMENT: or e m- ployment of pemons in the city of Washington and elsewhere, furniture, supphes, traveling expenses, rent outside of the District of Columbia, and a.ll other expenses necessary m carrying out the work herein authorized, as follows: _ _ Method, 0, mms, To investigate and encourage the adoption of improved methods mes mapmace. of farm management and farm practice, $230,000; _ _ ,,,,0,, Gd 0,,,, ,,m_ For studiing metltiods of clelarmng off S lggged off " lands wit? a tviilew ber ands. to their ut `zation or a 'c tur an a1ry1ng p ; or _ enirrigation; for testing pogviilders in clearing them; for the utihaa- c,,§,’I{,*f,,'f",3,‘L‘i°“ “°“' tion of by·products arising m thedprocess of clearmg;_ in cooperation with the States, companies, or in ividuals, or otherwise, $5,000; In all, for eneral expenses, $235,000. _ Total for Clilice of the Secretary of Agriculture, $623,120. WEATHER BUREAU. w°°m" Bun"` Sanuzms, WEATHER BUREAU: One chief of bureau, $5,000; one ,,f°,,‘§’,,‘§{§§'§{cf" b"' assistant chief of bureau, $3,250; one chief clerk, $2,500; one chief of division of stations and accounts, $2,750; one chief of prmtmg division, $2,500; three chiefs of division, at $2,000 each; eight clerks, class four; eleven clerks, class three; twenty-three clerks, class two; thirty clerks, class one; twenty-two clerks, at $1,000 each; ten clerks, at $900 each; one telegra h operator,_$1,200; one assistant foreman of division, $1,600; one clliief compositor, $1,400; one lithographer, $1,500; two lithographers, at $1,200 each; one pressman, $1,200; five compositors, at $1,250 each; fourteen printers, at $1,200 each; e even printters, at $1,000 eich; Ogoldiiits and §eedersZe;t1:172r(; e§:l;;1 3163 chie instrument ma er , ; ee ins rumen _ e , ,_ each; two skilled mechanics, at $1,200 each; seven skilled mechamcs, at $1,000 ei1;]h;d0ne skilledtge;‘<i1l:)an1c,h$840; one_sl¤lleg1u§g<5hamcé 720; six s e artisans, a eac ; one engmeer, , ; on greman and steam fitter, $840; four firemen, at $720 each; one captain of the watch, $1,000; one electrician, $1,200; one gardener, $1,000; four repairmen, at $840 each; six repairmen, at $720 each; four watchman, at $720 each; seventeen messengers, mcssenggr boys, or laborers, at $720 each; six messengers, messenger boys, or borers,