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1088 SIXTY·THIRD oouennss. sm. III. Cs. 144. 1915. at $660Ipach; ghirty-line messengers, messengerbboys, or gatherers, at 600 eac ; eig ty-eig t messengers, messenger cys or a orers at $$8.2) each; five messengirs, messegggg boy? or labor;-irs, at $450 gaéglé; t y-seven messenger cys at _ eac ; one c arwoman ; three charwomen, at $240 eaizh; in all, $332,900. _ _ ’ ggggglggrmsggi 0, Gnunnar. nxrnusns, Wnarnnn Bunmp: For carrying mto effect anime. in the District of Columbia and elsewhere in the United States, in the West Indies, and on adjacent coasts, in the Hawauan Islands, in V¤r N- P- 653- Bermuda, and in Alaska, the provisions of an Act approved October first, eighteen hundred and ninety, so far as they relate to the weather ` serv{ce trantsfepred tgiereby tp th;t:)epiirtme1£S pg Atg;_·ic11lturt¢;gci· th; cmp oymen o pro essors 0 m_ ro ogy c orecas oc forecasters, meteorologlists, section directors, observers, appreiitices, operators, skilled mee amos, instrument makers, foremen, assistant foigipgcni proof readers, compositors, pressmen, lithographers, fcgders an ers repair men, station agents memengers, messenger cys, laborers, special observers, displsgB1nen, and other necessary employees; for fuel,_ gas, electricity, _ ight and express ch es, furniture, stationery, 1ce, dry goods, twine, mats, oils, paintsfgass, lumber, hardware, and washing towels; for advertising; for subsistence and care of horses and vehicles, the purchase and repair of harness, for official pmposes only ; for mstruments, shelters, apparatus, stormwarning towers and repairs thereto; for rent of offices; for repairs and un , ou an i;·.;?r°i:m.;21*:i.*;E“:·$.¤:12%.‘;.2.*i2;:*e: tained tsiw 2.10; zi sidewalks on pub c streets abutting Weather Bureau groun ; and the erection o temporary buxldmgs for hving quarters of observers; for o€Hp1a.lhtravel1ng gxpelpsuf; for teilgsphpine rentals and for telpgripjphci mg, ·e e oning an ca _ g repcr an messages, rates to e by rgahe of Agrgcultillre by agreements gvith the companies e o theservice; ort emaintenancean re air fW th Bureau te cgmph, telephone, and cable lines; and Iior egreryegthei expenditure required for the establishment, equi ment, and maintenance of meteorologiical offices and stations and, for the issuing of weather forecasts an warnings of storms, cold waves, frosts, and heavy snows, the gauging and measuring of the flew of rivers and the tl ‘22Z§f.*2§?fiitf $Z3"§‘L22;‘§E§,» 3f.§’$5€§$§E’ ?i3“.‘Zp'£5;“S1¤"i1°i*“g c u in ,,§,’§,°*g°u‘§§{’,§, Gt: “" cooperation with other bureaus of the Govemment and soizieties and xnstlitutionsioli learning for the dissemination of meteorological infor— ma ion, as o ows: E'*’f""°“ “‘ w“"‘ For necemary expenses in the city of Washington incident to . I- mm lplcfting ind miteoxéological, clingatolpgical, mprfihe orma ion, an or mves iga ions m me eoro to , seismology, evaporation, and aerology, $110,000; ogy, C 8 ogy Printing <>¤1¤¤- For the maintenance of a printing office in the cit of Washington for the printing of weather maps, bulletins, circullars, forms, and _ other pu hcations, including the pay of additional employees, when £rigrtg:£mnmwWk· necessary, $14,000: , That no pnntupglshall be done by the Weather Bureau that, in the éudgment of e Secretary of Agricultme, can be done at the overnment Printing Office without

 the service of said bureau;
  • i¤i·”1*"is*`i·“~““““ °' to éLi1€2§&i.“§°§’i.i‘.£$;‘3?§T1§X$3§°¤3£$§‘5.§}°’- °I1W.°1i"¤*$i‘§§,i°°· i$‘d"“i

c c a c , an mprine inforniiation, and for i11vcstigation§.1in,meteorol<i),¢§=';r, climato ogy seismo ogy evaporation and aerol , $1,185,150, cl ding` nog tclexlctseed 0g.§·fsa.l$es, Slggélyglgxggpecgd obsizlrvalltions 2 an 1 § r··»·»¤·· ms. °”r§£`&sa1 mats ¤xp§§L.s,?§2}2»0?' "‘“ °" °‘““g In all, for general expenses, $1,333,150. Total for the Weather Bureau, $1,666,050.