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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1915. 1103 BUREAU OF SOIL8. B¤m¤<>fS•>¤& Samnms, Bunmu or Sons: One soil physicist, who shall be chief ,,,_§”§,§§,gm§,§,f‘ ‘°¤'· of bureau, $4,000; one chief clerk, $2,000; one executive assistant, 1 $2,000; four clerks, class four; two clerks, class three; five clerks, class two; one clerk, $1,260; eight clerks, clam one; five clerks, at ‘ $1,000 each; three clerks, at $900 each· one soil cartographer, $1,800; one chief draftsman, $1,600; one soil bibliographer or draftsman, $1,400; one photographer, $1,200; five draftsmen, at $1,200 each; one clerk-draftsman, $1,200; one draftsman, $1,000; one messenger, $840; three messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at $480 each; two laborers, at $600 each; one laborer, $300; one charwoman or laborer, $480; in all, $62,420. GENERAL nxrmvsns, Burman or Sous: For all necessary expenses G*'*°’*‘°*P¤°¤- connected with the investigations and experiments hereinafter authorized, including the employment of investigators, local and special agents, assistants, exlgzrts, clerks, draftsmen, and labor in the city o Washington and e where; official traveling expenses, materials, tools, instruments, apparatus, repairs to apparatus, chemicals, furniture, office fixtures, stationery, {gas, electric current, telegraph and telephone service, express and eight charges, rent outside of the Diitigct of Columbia, and for all other necessary supplies and expenses, as 0 ows: For chemical invest' ations of soil thes, soil com osition and oil °¤¤¤i¤%* i¤v•¤¤v· minerals, the soil solulilion, solubility liilsoil and all, chemical prop- ¤°°°°i°°°h` erties of soils in their relation to so` formation, soil texture, and soil productivity, including all routine chemical work in connection with the soil survey, $22,350; _ For physical investigations of the importantfroperties of soil which ,,,,,,g,"'Y""" ""°°“¢* determme productivity, such as moisture r ations, aeration, heat conductivity, texture, and other physical investigations of the various soil classes and soil t , $15,265; For exploration an investigation within the United States to deter- N’*“*'°"°’””'m· mine possible sources of supp y of potash, nitrates, and other natural fertilizers, $36,500; _ _ _ _ _ cw tm mvm For the investigation of so1ls, in cooperation with other branches of e.a¤¤°°$i° ams, me the De artment of Agiculture, other departments of the Govern- P*°¤·°‘°~ ment, State agricultur experiment stations, and other State institutions, and for indicating upon maps and plats, by coloring or otherwise, the results of such investigations, $168,200* For the examination and classification of lands in forest ,,,·§,$,§,’§,"Q,’}}}f‘“""” reserves, in cooperation with the Forest Service, $20,900; For general administrative expenses connected with the above- ,,;§§’,‘§f*““'”“'° “‘ mentioned lines of investigation, $3,200; In all, for eneral ex nses, $265,515. Total for gureau of gfiils, $327,935. BUREAU or ENroMoLocY .,.§§"°"‘°"’“*"”‘°* Saramns, Bmumu or Ezrrouonoer: One entemologist, who shall ¤;€,’LnZif§`$i¤.°f °°` be chief of bureau, $4,500; one chief clerk and executive assistant, $2,250; one financial clerk, $1,800; three clerks, class four; three clerks, class three; nine clerks, class two; seven clerks, class one; seven clerks, at $1,000 each; two clerks, at $900 each; two entomological draftsmen, at $1,400 each; one entomological draftsman, $1,080; four foremen, at $1,080 each; two entomological preparators, at $840 each; one entomological preparator, $720; six entomological reparators, at $600 each· one messenger, $840; two messenglers or l)aborers, at $720 each; four messenger boys, at $360 eac ; one mechanic, $840; one laborer, $540; three charwomen, at $480 each; one eharwoman, $240; in all, $69,530.