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1108 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1915. K¤¤*· RENT IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. °;%g{j_}}·g*¤D¤¤**¤* Rmrr or nurrinmes, Dnranmmirr or- Aenrcurrunaz For rent of buildings and parts of buildings in the District of Columbia, for use _ of the various bureaus, divisions, and offices of the Department of gsixtnt or qw. Agriculture, $123,689: Prmnded, That_the Secretary of Agriculture °*¤*'°°°°‘*· shall submit annually to Congress m his estimates of appropriations a statement showing what {proportion of this appropriation is paid for the quarters occupied y the various branc es of the department. “§°*"’Y B““‘““€· Until otherwise ordered the Maltby Building and all the buildings , dw for D•r»¤r¢m¤¤t on the west side of New Jersey Avenue, between B and C Streets ’°"’°°°°' northwest, in the city of Washmgton, District of Columbia, belonging to the Government may be used for governmental purposes by the Agricultural Department. sims? R·*·**°¤= srarns RELAr1oNs smzvrcr:. dgggmy <”*•°°•¤· Sannzms, Srrwrrzs Rm.acrr0Ns_ Snavrom: One director, $4,500- ` one chief clerk, $2,000· one financial clerk $2,000; one clerk or rooi reader, $1,800; one clerk or editorial clerk, $1,400; three clerks, class four; two clerks, class three; one clerk, $1,500; six clerks, class two; seventeen clerks, class one; sixteen clerks, at $1,000 each; eighteen clerks, at $900 each; seven clerks, at $840 each; six clerks, at $720 each; one clerk or photographer, $720; two messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at $600 eac ;nine messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at $480 each; two messengers, messen er boys, or laborers, at $300 each; one skilled laborer, $900; threeglaborers or charwomen, at $480 each; four laborers or charwomen, at $240 each; in all, $103,140. ST R S T ¤•¤¤¤¤¤¤y•¤¤¤¤- nivnnar. nxrnusns, arms ELATIONS navrcnz o c into

¤$i11°I$`f»taim effect the provisions of an Act approved March second, agigyhteen

“°$§;_ 2,,, ,,_ 4,,,, hundred and eighty-seven, entitled ‘ An Act to establish `cultural V¤r12.x>·5¤¤- experiment stations in connection with the colleges estgixllished in the several States under the provisions of an Act approved July second, eghteen hundred and sixty-two, and of the gets supplementary ereto," the sums apportioned to the several States and Territories, to be paid uarterly in advance, $720,000; cr·:LL·;j,¤¤·>$";>;”g _ To carry into e act ilie provisions of an Act approved March um. sixteenth, nineteen hundred and six, entitled "An ct to provide v°‘* 3****63* for an increased annual appropriation for agricultural experiment stations and regulatin§ the expenditure thereof," the sums appor- P _ tioned to the several tates and Territories, to be dpaid quarter! L{§{’{{°‘ in advance, $720,000: Provided, That not to excee $15,000 shui _ _ berlpaid to each State and Territory under this Act; m§g,°gx?g;;'g¤°;§;;°g}· o enable the Secretary of Agriculture to enforce the provisions amaigsvz. of the above Acts and the Act approved May eighth, nineteen hun- V°L *p‘5°3‘ dred and fourteen, entitled “An Act to provide for coo erative agricultural extension work between the 'cultural coll)eges in the several States receiving the benefits ciign an Act of Congress approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and of Acts sgpplementary thereto, and the United States Department of Agric ture," relative to their administration, including the employment of clerks, assistants, and other persons in the city of Washington and elsewhere, freight and express charges, oflzicral traveling expenses, office fixtures, supplies, apparatus, telegra h and telephone islegrivicelg gag, 9el5e(p0t1icanc(prtr·]¢;nté€an rentf outside] ol; th}:-;auDistrrct pf um ra, 5 , ; e cret 0 Agricu ture s reseri e “‘“"“‘“°°°““· the form of the annual iinancial staathilnent required under the above Acts, ascertain whether the expenditures are in accordance with