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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1915. 1].09 their provisions, coordinate the work of the Department of Agriculture with that of the State agricultural colleges and experiment stations in the hnes authorized in said acts, and make report thereon to Congress: Provided, That of this amount $20,100 may be used {aww. - rm for general administrative expenses connected with the lines of pmses,etc. v° °` work of the States Relations Service, including the offices of the director, the chief clerk, the officers in charge of ublications, library, accounts,_ records, supplies, and property, and for miscellaneous expenses incident thereto; or farmers’ cooperative demonstration work outside of the cotton ,,,,]§’,°,‘§§'§,*}"‘§Q‘,,,l“§°g,?§,‘{,‘;{{'f belt, including the employment of labor in the city of Washington and elsewhere, supplies, and all other necessary expenses, $386,080; _ For farmers’ copperative demonstrations and for the study and ,,§°,$;““‘,§§,,‘},€",_,§’,',{ demonstration of e best methods of meeting the 1‘8.VB§1€·S of the www ' cotton-boll weevil including the employment o labor in e city of Washington and elsewhere, supplies, an all other necessag expenses, P,,,,,,,,_ $666,020: Provided, That the expense of such service shall e defrayed wY1g¤g¤gg°§r,v£•j¤mW¤- from this appropriation and such cooperative funds as may be vol- P untarily contributed by State, county, and municipal ciationsof farmers, and individual farmers, universities 00 (ages: ds z . . of trade, chambers of commerce, other local associations of business men business organizations, and individuals within the State; Fmms. mmm To glialrle the Secretary] of Agncultéupe to investigate andgeport gcnlgdssgricuitursl upon e organization an regress o armers institutes an '- mvsiegsasg pm. cultural schools in the several, States and Territori N , and upon $"°“· °‘°· organizations in fo ° countries, with special suggestions of plans and methods for such organizations more effective for the dissemination of the results of the work of the Department of Agri- ·culture and the experiment stations, and of improved {methods of agnc tural practice, mcluding the employment o labor ·in the city o Washington and elsewhere, and a other necessary °xlI.°°S°S* $20*600; seam in iam 0 enable the Secretary of Agriculture to establish and maintain mmm, rum ruwf zgricultural egeriment stations in Alaska, Hawaii Porto Rico, and °“" °““”· e island of uam, including the erection of buildiiliés, thepreparation, illustration, and distri ution of reports and b etins, and all other necessary expenses, $120,000, as follows: Alaska, $40000; Hawaii, $35,000; Porto Rico, $30,000* and Guam, $15,000; and the Secret of Agriculture is authorized to sell such products as are ““‘°°‘*"’°°°°‘°· obtaingldyon the land belonging to the ?ricultural experiment sta- Pmm tions in Alaska, Hawaii, Porto Rico, an the island 0 Guam: Pro- Extension wax in vided, That of the sum herein appropriated for the experiment H""“ station in Hawaii $5,000 may be in agricultural extension work in H“W’·ii? . . ummm or qs. To enable the Secretary of Agriculture to investigate the relative emma products. utility and economy of agricultural products for food, clothing, and other uses in the home, with special suglgestions of plans and methods for the more effective utilization of suc products or these purposes, with the cooperation of other bureaus of the department, and to disseminate useful information on this subject, mcluding the employ- ment of labor in the city of Washington and elsewhere, supplies, and all other necessary expenses, $26,500; In all, for general expenses, $2,718,700. _ And the Secretary of Agriculture hereafter may furnish to such ,,,,,°{,'}1,;i,'}§i,°§,,,‘§{,f*"" institutions or individuals as may care to buy them copies of the card san, ec. index of agricultural literature repared by the Department of Agriculture in connection with its asimms tration of the Act of March second, eighteen hundred and eight{—seven (Twenty-fourth Statutes V°L ”*·P·“"- at Large, page four hundred and orty), and the Act of March six- "`°*3*·P·*`**· teenth, nineteen hundred and six (Thirty-fourth Statutes at Large,