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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 147. 1915. 11534 Senate Office Building: For maintenance, miscellaneous items and ,uS°°**° Om Bmsuléphes, and for all necessary personal and other services for the care iiummuce. an operation of the Senate Office Building, under the direction and supervision of the Senate Committee on R es, $13 ,300. nousa or REPRESENTATIVES. ¤¢i1v$`?°°‘R°p”°“°° To a the sisters of Sereno E. Pa e, late a Re resentative from $§'°"',§§,g,;?,""°· the Stiiiti of New York, $7,500. yn P yt OL To pay the widow of Edwin A. Merritt, junior, late a Representative gsm $;§{,$,"f,}Y·l'· from the State of New York, $7,500. For allowance to A. S. Kreider, contestee, for expenses incurred °°"°°‘?°d*1°°“°“ bly him in the contested—election case, audited and recommended by X- S- K¤*<i¤=- t e Committee on Elections Numbered One, $2,000. Pm om To continue the emplo ent of nine messengers, at $100 per month each, in the post ogg; of the House of Representatives, from gipril first to November thirtieth, inclusive, nineteen hundred and teen, $7,200. umm M For four laborers and two janitors, at $60 each per month, and ’ ' one telephone operator, at $900 per annum, from March fourth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, inclusive, $6,916.50. _ For miscellaneous items and e enses of special and select com- u‘“°°”“"°°“'“°““ mittees, exclusive of salaries andqlabor, unless specifically ordered by the House of Representatives, for the fiscal years that follow: For nineteen hundred and fifteen, $40,000. For nineteen hundred and twelve, $431.54. For nineteen hundred and eleven, $99.87. (mm To reimburse the official reporters of debates $700 each and the mwprépgmm official steigpjjgraphers to committees $600 each for moneys actually R° "“”°"’°“*· and necess y e ended by them from July first, nineteen hundred and fourteen, to lligarch fourth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, inclusive, $6,600. For folding speeches and pamphlets, at a rate not exceeding $1 per F°“”¤€· thousand, $2,000. noramc GARDEN. B°““’° G°'°°’” For procuring manure, soil, tools, fuel, purchasing trees, shrubs, ,,,i,‘,‘Z,*,§,‘},{,§§_°°° “"' plants, and seeds; and for services, materials, an miscellaneous supplies, and contingent ex enses in connection with repairs and im rovements to Botanic (gardens, under direction of the Joint Lilirary Committee of Congress, $2,000. For general repairs to buildings, heating apparatus, painting, °°“°‘°"°l’°“‘· glazing, repairs to footwalks and roadways, general repairs to packing sheds, storerooms, and stables, including? purchase of ppwer lawn mower, under the direction of the Joint ommittee on the Library, $1,315.35. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE. ,,,g°‘2,‘§§';{"°°° m"*’ Leaves of absence: To enable the Public Printer to comply with the mm °‘ '“’°°°°¤ provisions of the law granting thirty days’ annual leave to the employees of the Government Printing Office, $66,656.30, or so much thereof as may be necessary. To pay Samuel Robinson, William Madden, and Joseph De Fontes, wS§.5,,‘§,‘§,“1M,§‘§:,,‘f€;,‘g messengers on night duty durinlguthe present session of Congress, J¤¤¤Pl1D•F¤¤¥¤¤· for extra services, $700 each; in , $2,100. 91006°—-vox. 3S—1>r 1·—-73