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114 SIXTY -THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cris. 15, 16. 1913. E*°°¤d°d *° P'°· Sw. 2. That where under the law the Secret of the Interior is vmmmmml authorized or directed to make restoration of lairqs previously withdrawr; lggsrrlpay also restrict the restoration as prescribed m section one 0 t ct. Approved, September 30, 1913. ocmbera, ms. ¤B’A.P.`18.-·—An Act To reduce tarif duties and to provide revenue for tha

 Government, and for other purposes.

greens, N¤.16.l , Be it enacted ¢7ae5'enatcand1-Ioataeo Re ntativeso the United }`,§',{,‘§,°',}¤°";mp,,, States of 14% in Congress assembledf at on and the day emmsmae. following the passage of this Act, except as otherwise specially pro-

 "°*· vided as in this Act, there stm be cmg, mused, and paid uga, all

V°‘· “°· P- *1- articles when from any foreign countrpgnto the mted rumania. cnn. States or mto au of its possessions (except the hilippine Islands ·*··*“*°“··*°•¤'·*L md the islands Jem me Tutuila) the rates treaty which mpy the schedules and paragraphs of the dutmble hst of this section prescribed. namely: T DUHAJLILUI. · LIS • I


MM 1. Acids: Boracic acid, { cent citric acid, 5 cents per und; fonnic acid, 1} cents pcrpoun •_gall1c acid, 6 cents per pound; · irctic acid, 1} cents per poun ; oxahc ac1d_ 1} cents per pound; pyrogallic acid, 12 cents per po1md; salicylic acid, 2} cents per pound; tannic acid aud tannin, 5 cen und; tartar-ic acid, 3} cents per pound; all other acids and pdndes not specially provided for in this section, 15 per centum ad va orem. 2. Acetic anhydrid, 2} cents per pound. 3. Acetone, 1 cent per pound. 4. Dried egg albumen, 3 cents y ponmd. sxmassw. 5. Alkalies, alkaloids, and all emical and medicinal compounds, preparations, mixtures and salts, and combinations thereof not specialpy provided for in this section, 15 per centum ad valorem. 6. A umma, hydrate of, or refined bauxite; alum alum cake, t- ent alum, sul hate of alumina, and aluminous cahe, and all 0Eer manufactured compounds of alumina, not specially provided for `in this section, 15 per centum ad valorem. 7. Ammonia, carbonate of, and muriate of, { of 1 cent per pound; phosphate of, 1 cent per pound; liquid anhydrous, 2} cents per pound; ammomacal gas liquor, 10 per centum ad valorem. 8. Argols or crude tartar or wine lees crude or partly refined, contaming not more than 90 pp-pncentum of tassium bitartrate, 5 per centum_ad valorem; con ing more thoan 90 per centum of potassium bitartrate, cream of tartar, and Rochelle salts or tartrate of soda and potassa, 2} cents per pound; calcium tartrate crude, 5 per centum ad valorem. sam. 9. Copaiba, fir or Canada, Peru, tolu, and all other balsams, which are natural and uncompounded and not suitable for the manufacture of perfumery and cosmetics, if in a crude state, not advanced m va.ue or condition by any process or treatment whatever beyond that essential to the proper packing of the balsams and the prevention of decay or deterioration pending manufacture, all the oregoing not specnglly provided for in this section, 10 per centum ad valorem; if advan in value or condition by any process or treat— ment whatever beyond that essential to the proper packing of the balsams and the prevention of dearly or deterioranon pending manufacture, all the foregoing not spec y provided for in this section, 15