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LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. XIX Publ buldz Hnt·mgdonT AnA Ath Treasury drsrehm ic ·i 'ng, u , erm. ct u orizingtheSecre of the to - gard section thirty-three of the public buildings Act of March ggth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, as to site at Huntmgdon, Tennessee. March 4, 1915 .,,_ _ 1],63 Merchant aemnen, etc. An Act To promote the welfare of American seamen in the merchant marine of the United States; to abolish arrest and im risonment as a penalty for desertion and to secur; mgrogation of treaty provisions in regtion thereto; and to promote safety at sea. _ Marc . . 1164 Navy, Joseph El·io¢_Aust·in. _An Act Autho e President to reinstate Joseph Eliot Austin as an ensign rn the United States Navy. _ ch 4 1915 ... . .. 1185 Public ' , Vinelrmd, M I An Act Authonzing the Secretéarnxhof the section -three of the (public buildings Act of March fo nineteen h and - teen, as to srte at Vinelan , New J March 4, 1915 . . 1185 Bridge Missoun River. An Act To extend the time for constructing a bridge across the Missouri lliver near Kansas City,- Missouri, authorized by an Act approved June seventeenth, nine I mdteen hundred and fgurtecein. jlzmlch ti 1!25E :1: .. E ii] . f .. ... 1186 m iatetramportation, ay , . n c oexten e l'iV1M8B. 0 seven section of immediate-transportation get to Bay City, Michigan. Margh 4, 1915 , . 1186 Standard barrel fri;-uita, etc. An Act To iix the standard barrel for fruits, vegetables, and other dry comm ties. March 4, 1915 .,... . .. 1186 United State: courts, Ohio districts. An Act To amend section one hundred of an Act entitled "An Act to codify, revise, and amend the laws relating to the judiciary/’ approved March third, nineteen hundred and eleven. March 4, 1915 . ... 1187 Life-•av€ng station, Siualaw River, An Act To authorize the establishment of a life· station at the mouth of the Sius w River, Oregon. March 4, 1915 ... _ , . . .. 1188 Indian reservations, Nebraska and Montana, roads. An Act To authorize thejayinf out and opening of public roads on the Winnebago, Omaha, Ponca, and Santee Sroux ndian Reserva- Publ tions in Nebrasza and og IZ? ligseivtztipnshin Montarlla. “1Mar¥h 4, 1915.i; . _, 1188 i¢:la1zd:,Lyrrmnou , . . c utoriaingte eo smyman , South Dakota. Mazgr 4 1915 .. L - . .,. -. 1189 Public buildig, Binghamton, YZ An Act Providing for the purchase of asite forapublic buildingat ingalggrtou, NewYork. March-}, 1915 .. 1,. . - Internal revenue back. An Act To provide for the allowance of drawback of tax on articles shi Eid to the island of Porto Rico or to the Philippme Islands. March 4, 1915... i-_ r; 1189 DM:-kt of lumbar, use of school buildings. An Act To regulate the use of publrc school buildings and {rounds in the District of Columbia. March 4, 1915 . . .. _ . 1 190 District of olumbia, ad' ting accounts. An Act To authorize the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to and settle the shortages in certain accounts of sard District, and for other purposes. March 4, 1915 .. . .. _ , ._ .. 1190 Thanh of Congress, dc., Iathmiem Canal Cowmmiwiorn, officer:. An Act Tognovrde iorrecogmmpg the services of certain officers of the Army, Navy, and Public Health ervrce for their servrcesin connection with the construction of the Panama Canal, to extend to certain of such oEcsr·a the thanks of Congress, and for other purposes. March 4, 1915 ... 1190 Oklahoma, toumsite receipts. An Act To lgirovide for the payment of certain moneys to school districtsin Oklahoma. March 4, 19 . . .. i 1192 Railroad loomnotive inspection, etc. An Act 'l'o_amend an Act entitled "An Act to promote the safety of employees and travelers upon railroads by compelling common carriers gxaged in interstate commerce to equi%_their locomotives withpafe an suitable boilers ripperzeriznges thereto," approved ebruary seventeenth, nineteen hundred and eleven. arch 1192 United dtatea courts, Arkansas diatnbta. An Act To transfer certain counties in the several judicial SM dlBC'}iCi8 m ·btl‘1‘el?tate cg Arkansas. Allarch 4, 19*15..K of .. ... Y . . . 1198 ppmg,oreiyn ·i verse owned merioams. n c orepeal tieson orergn- `t 4 _ vejels owlned by Amiricalis. "?8l’Ch 4111915. . .i . Ai .. i 1193 Reyutryo verse abroad. n ct 0 rovi e or rovisio cer·t15' cateso registry veaels abroad and for other purposes. lgrrch 4, 1915g ... . 1193 Pike National Forest, Colo. An Act To reserve certain lands and to incorporate the same and _ make them alpart of the Pike National Forest. March 4, 1915 .. . . 1.194 Rsght o{ way, Limo n National Forest, NZ Man An Act Granting the El Paso and Rock I Company a right of way for its pipe lines and reservoir u n the Lincoln N auonal Forest or the carrying and storage of water for railroad purposes. ggamh 4, 1915 ... 1195 Tama ex: beds. An Act To authorize the Secretary of Commerce, through the Coast and Geodetic ey and the Bureau of Fisheries, to make a survey of natural oyster beds, bars and rocks, and barren bottoms contiguous thereto in waters along the coast of and within the State of Texas. March 4, 1915 . 1196 Iintersfatc commerce, l·iab1'l1I¢f;e3f camera for loss, etc. An Act To amend an Act entitled "An Act to amend an Act entit ‘An Act to rfulate commerce} approved February fourth, eighteen hundred and ?ty-seven, and all cts amendatoqi thueof, and to enlarge the powers of the Interstate ommerce Commission," approved une twenty-nintlr, nmeteen hundred · _ Karch4,19§ X HK . .,.. 1; k . K - 1196 an grantz, . n ct Legal:] certain conveyancee ereto ore e the Central Paciiic Railroad Company and others within the State of Nevada. March 4, 1915X 1198 Obaoleu ordnance dimauom. An Act Aut1 Secretary of War to make certain donations of condemned cannon and cannon balls. h 4, 1915 . , . HW