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160 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Srss. I. Ch. 16. 1913. md'*¤ ¥·¤·°¤**¤· 551. Modek of inventions and of other imlprovements in the arts, ` to be used exclusive] as models andmcapa le of any other use. 552. Moss, seaweeck, and vegetable substances, crude or umnanu— facturedlk not bcggmwpse specially provided for m this section. 553. ruit. N““*°‘°‘ · 554. Cu}?0 nails and cut ikes of iron or steel, horseshoe nails horseshoe nail rods, hobnam, and all other wjroughturon or steel nails not specially provided for in this section;w1re staples, wire nails made of wronfht iron or steel, spikes, and horse, mule, or ox shoes, of iron or stee , and cut tacks, brads, or spngs. N°°‘“”· 555. Needles, hand sewing and dammg, and needles for shoe machines. ,,}§°,,,,”P‘,,’°” “""°‘ 556. News a rs and eriodicals; but the term "" as herein used ig be uudeiistood to embrace only unbound or papercovered publications issued within six months of the tune of entry, devoted to current literature of the day, or containing current literature as a predominant feature, and issued regularly at stated periods, Nm as weekl , monthly, or quarterly, and bearing the date of kue. 557. Iguts: Marrons, crude; coconuts in the shell and broken coconut meat or copra, not shredded, desiecated, or prepared in any manner• palm nuts and palm—nut kernels. 558. Nux vomica. 559. gllakum. ” 560. ` °°" 561. Béieh tar, cajeput,ap;>lcon;1lt;1 clpd, glod liver, cottongeed, oro y ]ugland1um,p , -em,per1lla,soa-can andubuligeg oil rendered unfit gu usghasliood or giislngebut or msn 80h1l'.IDg. , y su means as satisfacto to the Secretary of and under regulations to be prescrliybed by him; Chinese nut oil, nut oil or oil of nuts not speciall provided for in this section; petroleum, crude or refined, and all products obtained from petro eum, including kerosene, benzine, naphtha gasoline, paraffin, paraiiin oil; and also spermaceti, whale, and other fish oils of American Esheries, and all fish and other products of such fisheries. 562. glee steariéii 1 563. e an emon ee , not reserved, candied, or dried. Om ml 564. oigiiil, or orchil liqiiid. _ P _ ' 565. Cres of gold, silver, or nickel, and mckel matte; ores of the Pam smh mm platinum metals; sweepmgs of gold and silver. 566. Paper stock, crude _ of every description, including all grasses, fibers, rags, waste, including jute, hemp and flax waste, shavings chppmgs, old paper, rope ends, waste rope, and waste b , and all other waste not specially provided for in this section, including mmm r old gunny_ cloth and old gunny bags, used chiefly for paper making. Am p_1{jf’° · 567. Printing paper (other than paper commercially known as ’ handmade or machine handmade aper, japan pa er, and imitation gapan paper by whatever name known), imsizecij sized, or glued, suitable for the printilx of books and ne apers, but not for covers

  • ‘“¤¤*¤¤ '*‘°°· ;1};(l;:i<;1;ig:sénn§>t spec yl paovgiled for_i1lv§ section, valued at not

r un,eccomamaaernot , 568. Parchmeiiiat gd vellum. P P Printed 569. Paris green and London purple. 570. Pearl, mother of, and shells, not sawed, cut, flaked polished or ptherwise manufactured, or advanced in value from the natural sta e. 571. Personal effects, not merchandise, of citizens of the United States dlying in foreign countries. f 572. ewter and britannia metal, old, and fit only to be remanu-· actured.