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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. 191 tion, lodge with the collector or the erson actin as collector, of °“"°’§ ***]***1***** said port, notice thereof in writing, toggther with ag invoice descrip- mum C°mm°d` tion and the quantity of the articles condemned, their location, and the name of the vessel in which imported. Upon receipt of said p,§g§°"““h¤=°¤° °‘ notice the collector, or person acting as collector, shall at once cause ` an investigtion and a report to be made in writing b at least two customs officers touching the identity and quantity of finit or perishable goods condemned, and unless proof to ascertain the shortage or nonimportation of fruit or perishab e oods shall have been lodged as herein required, or if the importer or agent fails to notif the collector of such condemnation proceedings as herein provided? roof of such shortage or nonimportation shall not be deemed established and nic; allowance shall be made in the liquidation of duties chargeable t ereon. " Y. That whenever it shall be shown to the satisfaction of the Sec- mmggd ¤*<¤¤¤·¤ d¤· rotary of the Treasury that, in any case of unascertained or estimated vb:. ah, p. ua. duties, or payments made upon afppeal, more money has been paid to or deposited with a collector o customs than, as has been ascertained b final liquidation thereof, the law required to be paid or deposited; the Secretary of the Tremury shall direct the Treasurer to refund and pay the same out of any money in the Treasury not I mt hmmm otherwise agpropriated. The necessary moneys therefor are hereby apgmgraamm. ap(propriate , and this appropriation shall be deemed a permanent m’·m;¤§2§_3““· P· in efinite appropriation; and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby m0¤<颷=¤¤¤¤! <=1¤¤¢=¤¤ authorized to correct manifest clerical errors in any entry or liquidation for or against the United States, at any time within one {gear of the date of such entry, but not afterwards: Provided That e Sec- I 0, retaigy of the Treasury shall, in his annual report to (zlongress, give a names. deta` ed statement of the various sums of money refunded under the provisions of this Act or of any other Act of Congress relating to the revenue, (fogether with copies of the rulings under wh1ch repayments were ma e. . "Z. That from and after the taking effect of this Act, no collector a1gr lliit1ir·a”ttgi: or other officer of the customs shall be in any way liable to any owner, °{}Ig'fj"3*g"’,§$,0,, mug importer, consignee, or agent of any merchandise, or an other 1Eer— sd- ' son, for or on account of any rulings or decisions as to tlile class` ca- . tion of said merchandise or the duties charged thereon, or the collection of any dues, charges, or duties on or on account of said merchandise, or any other matter or thing as to which said owner, importer, consiignee, or agent of such merchandise m1§ht, under this Act, be entitle to a pea from the decision of said co ector or other oflicer, or from any iioard of appraisers. _ "AA. That any person who s all give, or offer to give, or promise ,,,g ,f,§gj_,"},'§ to give, any money or thing of value, directly or indirectly, to any cia`!}-I 36 lm officer or employee of the United States in consideratmn of or for any °' ’ P` ` act or omission contrary to law in connection with or pertaining to the importation, appraisement, entry, examination, or inspection of goods, wares, or merchandise, including herein any bagga e or of the liquidation of the entry thereof, or shall by threats or demands or promises of any character attempt to improperly influence or control any such officer or employee of the United tates as to the ipIerform— ance of his official duties shall, og coplvizgiprixthereof, be hed not excee $2,000, or be im risone at ar a r not more t an one _ year, dciiiioth, in the discrlfztion of the court; and evidence of such mm°f°°`°°vid”`°° giving, or offering, or promis` to give, satisfactory to the court in which such trial is had, shalllie regarded as prima facie evidence that such giving or offering or romising was contrary to law, and shall put upon the accused the liiurden o proving that such act Was innocent and not done with an unlawful intention.