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192 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 16. 1913.

 ..2.%*}:,2*l:2,n**?1°.:a.·;*::·*z;L:y:·;]·;:i:**21.‘£.;·;*·*.a’ Sm: **10 Shim

. ¤r ¤¤- n exac or receive

°;3°°°"°’ from any person, ldirectly onindirdctlyl; aiiy money; or thiiig of value

· -1*- m connection wit or pertaining to e importation appraisement entry exammation, or inspection of (goods, wares, dr merchandise; including heiem hqui atioglgf the entry tlgereof, on conviction thereo e not excee g $5,000, or e imprisoned at hard labor not more than two ears or both in the dis f

  • ’¤¤**‘*°*°'“*°¤°¤ of the court; and evidence of such solizitin , dcman, cE:act(iInB ug;

, . , gr v reccivmg, satisfactoiky thegourt which inch is hgd, sha? be reg _ as Pl’1II}B· acre evi ence at suc so'citin eman in exa‘¢;.;i§g,upr geuiidenvmgfwas contrahrgy tochiw, and shallgput upoiii tligd » acc e en o proving t t sn act was innocent an not with an unlawful intention.

 _ Ihttlusit. Nm   an b PET E   ts • • · th U •t d

V M' p` M States transit lic any foreign ccuiiltry msc bdlddgzgelall byethenpaizb tres having it m_charge to the collector of the proper district, to be by lum retained, without theclpayment or exaction of any imtport duty, or to be forwarded bg su collector to the collector of e port of departure_and to he elivered to such parties on their departnue for their tilestmation, under suchbrules and regulations as the Score 0 e Treasury may prescribe." Snorrou IV. i menthmn or trade A. That for the purpose of read'usting the present duties on im r- L"Q,{°'“°“'° ‘“"‘°" tations into the United States and at the same time to encouragepaie exporttrade of this country, the President of the United States is authorized and empowered to negotiate trade agreements with foreign nations wherem mutual concessions are made looking toward freer trade relations and further reciprocal exlpansion of trade and ggmkc umn of commerce: Prmruled, however, That said tra e agreements before couging becoming operative shall be submitted to the Congress of the United St§:esT%>rtrat1£cation oiiliignygction. d cutanmepmaeyaee . a nothing m t ct containe shall be so construed as to im · . . P", 3,**; _ m6_ abrogate orm any manner impair or affect th ` f th t 0 pp 3 of commercial reciprocity concluded betwee1(iItlh%“UTii)iIt;<l) Staleslcaliid gl;edRepgblic of Cu gon the eleventh day of December, nineteen hunean woort " fthA f pm,. ,,,,,,.,,. ,. $.;.1 (mai ¤,gu§§;'Z}°‘€1i?i§c1;§’m.°.xcZ§€a°22g€§? §§§${‘;’§°f,? v,,,_3,,_,,_,m_ c e eng o said a , w proviso is hereby abrogated and repealed. rmup inel§1¤¤d®- C. That there shall b l `ed, ll t d ‘ i.g:·g:3g€;.:;·: .1;..:.: coming may as U¤ad°s&`Z’.. a?.°m°&.§ r§‘i‘i§.,E’i3‘$*1`§Fi‘L‘Z¤.“1Zh2’ZfZ$.f ,d_°· ·*’·“’»"‘”°“‘*‘ gtdnity whicllitzrde to be levied, collected, and paid upon like Pray. me 16 es impo om orexgn coxmtri : P wided t ` ,,{"°?,§§c§,°¤'§;’0g,,e,{f°“° the growth or product of or manufacteugred the Prhlilgipidleafsdfdids from materials the growth or product of the Philippine Islands or of the United States, or of both, or which do not contain foreign mater1a§ tip the {gala; ofkmcgre than 2(liper centum of their total value upon w c no aw ac 0 customs uties has been allowed therein] coming mto the U °ted Stat fr ‘ ‘ ’ ?°U§p¤;1ds!;E?;t;%g¤g·2: hereafter be admittgd free of di1ty??r hlrho%l;?vne: zlifig mtoPhi1ippiues. sideration of the exem tions aforesaid, all articles the, owth rodupt, 0; manéifzzctuie oggxe l{1nited States, upon whichgiio draivyback o cus oms u IBS d ’ · gmt mm R- pnuppm rama fildm eil. ‘h£’£Z§d §¥§f§.."t5£"Z“}} $°§t§‘?”.i1£§°d $5 furtlier, That the free admission, herein provided, of such artigles the grgipith, product, or manufacture of the United States, into, the ppme Islands, or of the growth, product, or manufacture, as