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198 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. the articles by their mark or otherwise, the quantitiy, the date of ggfimurw ex;?:ti:{;ion, gndrzhp ntznie og tlie tvestslegz Prmnded, fhgt tg? viaste ucerogasmaatm- ma or - uc mci en 0 recesses 0 an ac ure '°%”,HY'§:‘,,_“_ including waslepderived from cleaning nge in bonded warehouses df'¤*·$°·P·*°·•¤¤¤d· under Act of March twenty-fourth, eighteen lumdred and seventy- fom·, in said bonded ware ouses may be mthdrawn for_d0mest1c consumption on the payment of du? eghial to the duty which would be assessed and collected, by law, i su waste or bylproducts were imported from a foreign country. All labor erforme and services rendered under these provisions shall be undgr the supervision of a duly uplesignated officer of the customs and at the expense of the man turer. w§,';‘}g;’¤‘},$,{,_““ ‘°‘ A calicefiil account shall be ke t by the collector of all merchandise delivered by him to any manufacturing warehouse, and a sworn monthly;) return, verified by the officers m charge, shall be made y the manufacturers contaming a detailed statement of al l merchandise used by him in the manufacture of e c es. ”°*“’g'*°¤*°°°°‘}’,§“ xgfore commencing business the proprietor of any mauufact ' F•§f°l¤l¤¤°lmm°°° g warehouse file with the Secretary of Treasury a list llfqlfi the articles intended to be manufactured m such warehouse, and mm the fcgiagultg gf, and the names and quantities of '1`¤¤=*°¤*¤¢¤v¤¤· Articles manufactured under provisions may be withdrawn imder such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe for transportation and delivery mto an bonded warehouse at an entenorriggrt for the solelpurpose of immediate export therefrom: §{f,,‘j;°;,,,,,,, md, Provided, t cigars man actured m whole of to acco imported %¤¤¤¤¤ frm ¤¤¤ from any one country, made and manufactured in such bonded v¤i.rié,as¤,me¤a- manufacturing warehouses, may be withdrawn for home consumption °"· upon the payment of the duties on such tobacco in its condition as imported under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, and the payment of the internal-revenue tax accruing _m{¤d¤¤<>¤ ¤r¤¤zi¤. on such cigars lll their condition as withdrawn, and the boxes or ` packages containing such cigars shall be stamped to indicate their pharacter, origin of tobacco rom which made, and place of manufacure. m§°¤”*°”°°’°P°“°°* The provisions of Revised Statutes thirty-four hundred and thirty- _ a.s.,¤·¤.ws.p. cw. threes all, so far as may be practicable, apply to any bonded manuglcturing wa1;lelz1<;use_estabhshed under this Act and to the merchane conveye erem. B¤¤d°d_ ¤¤°***¤¢ N. _SUBSEC'1’ION 1. That the works of manuf thed ' ozirriiiifll 89,¤m¤¤d- smeltmgor reiiining, or both, of ores and crude m9e‘lalu;?:n‘§é§;%n till; 0.. ... M asso ::*:,·sdB°:.i:.'a: tw., ctsrhnis **11. mg me ,,,,,,,,,; ·· _ · _ _ _ _ o e rom evess or °°°yi°° dm other vehicle in which imported, or from a bonded warehouse, into a bonded smeltugg warehouse without the payment of duties thereon PWM and there smelt or refined, or both, together with ores or crude cmpgumgsled OE metals of home or foreign production: _ rovaded, That the bonds ¤1¤¤·¢ · ¤ ¤¤¤¤· shall be charged with the amount of dut1es payable upon such ores . alnd crude metgzls atl tlhga time of theeir implcgrétation, and the several c arges agams suc n ma th expo ‘ or deliveilly 120 a bonded manufal:rtiui1i:gm:v$arehol1l§§ll>stal’>lishedrtu.ii:l(e1f· A,,,,'p_,,.,_ paralg-rap of this section of an amount of the same lcmd of metal eqn to the actual amount of dutiable metal producible from the

 or   cir botg, otfil sugléc ores or cgude metals as deter-

_rom1meo1me e ret thTreas :And ,,°,‘{?{§§§;“&“'§g provided further, That the said metals soagodhcibaa, or anuylyportion mmm wnsumpnm. thereof, mg be withdrawn for domestic consumption, or transferred to a bond customs warehouse, and withdrawn therefrom, and the