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210 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Suse. I. Ch. 32. 1913. H°“¥“P'*"¤•*‘*'· Holly Springlséllllissisnppi, post omcez For additional land for site und ent ° `t $2,500. H°“°*‘““·H’*"““· Hbrngldlu, Hawaii, post office, courthouse, and customhouse: For additional land for site imder present limit, $100,000, L“‘“"°"“’”· N·°· Lumberton, North Carolina, post office: For additional land for Pummd 0 site under present limit, $5 000. 1.,,,,, ,,m,,;,_ '°*· Portland, Oregon, post office: The imexpended balance ($160,000) gygmrggsm of the approlpriation for the acquisition of a site for a post-oflice ' ’°' building at ortland, Oregon, is hereby rea propriated and made V0, 3,, p_ 8,, availab e toward the construction of said the present Pmm lfgurtéhanglofor the Dplpspteqies lstlilpulated aiipdthe pub c buildings Arqglpi ussnmwmezemus. Z E‘3€.';..°‘1f..§"’*"2..’31“£"*° ”““‘*.§“§2..’t;“;.;££5°.§°.$L t12°E.ii§E§.’%‘; is given to construct said &ublic buildirlignttp accommodate ang other

 purposes in e city of Po d, Oregon,_said ad _`tional

80C:l’t!11H10d?li10DEx ogrem authorized to be made withm the limit of _ cos ereto ore . §.§‘,,§’,,‘;{’· “°‘ Saint Louis, Missouri, post office: For additional mail lift, elevator, and fcgi additions to mail apparatus, and so forth, under present limit 7 550. ` $*§,£“,,,§’,§’,¥*,E‘;_;,_,,,_ Ta:mpa,Bay, Florida, quarantine station: For the construction of ¤¤¤¤¤¤»¤¤=· 3tSgdant.s’ Iiluartetrhs on shoiée, vgharf, ang! caqseway, includi1§ "ec° ouse ereonan ouseon o orth to

e materials, to’repla;s the damage I-done bye tlierég of

washington uc- June eighteenth nineteen hundred $65,000. _ E.€,v,,,,,,,,;dp,,,.e Washington bistrict of Columbia, building, Bureau of Engraving

  • °¤ ‘*'°°¤· (new): For completion of building under present limit,

w""'“°°‘°·v‘* Wi1ynesboro Virginia, post omcec For additional land for site S Am, under pasent limit, $2,500. tect’s01lice. Was _ gton, District of Qolumbia. Office of Supervising Architect: ,,,,,·‘·,‘§’*‘°°‘°'°‘ °°’ For architectural designer in the Office of the Su ervising Architect, at the rate of $6,000 per annum, $4,500, or so much thereof as may be _ necessary. ii2£{'?b°"' P° For rent of temporary quarters at Harrisburg Pennsylvania, for thedaccpp;1mo<zgupg10gf) Government omcials and moving expenses mc: en ere . ii{E€i’b°"’V°' Lynchburg, rent of buildings: For rent of temporary quarters at ynch urg, Virginia, for the accommodation of Govern— Mmm, Ga- ment omcials, §1 ,500, For_completing United States post omce and courthouse at Atlanta, New York W Y G°°"g‘“¤ $22*500 S wgggo Eggséiubggwmigrk, a%p’1);aiserei’1’st;>res: Thedappropriation of _ ’ _ e sim civx · - ° vi>li°:i11,p.422. fourth, nineteen hundred and twelve, fol?ll1:Iz in iiliiugt stores building, New York, New York, certain metal condiiits and wiring, fire—alarm s§stem, and so forth, be and the same is hereby, made available m eu thereof for the following p oses namely: For completing the inclosing of the central elevatoiuslliaft ’ inclosin the hft in the northeast corner, new irrclosed staircase on,the soutg

§l§,€1]§;l;1I$(§ii·i1h¤g mg systqmkmstqgling a new fire-alarm system,

wa _ an s c oc sys m. s°“’“*¤· P-R- San Juan, Porto Rico, post office and courthouse: For completion Shreveport Lt of building under present limit, $32,000. am, · Shreveport, Louisiana, rent of buildings: For rent of tem orary qulatrteig. or the $sgc6:6>mmodation of Government officials at Slhrevepo V uisiana . {,°*§ ‘f* Vlfytheville, Virginiaéiplost oiHce:_ The post—office building heretofore authorized at Wythe e, Virginia, shall be so constructed as to