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216 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sms. I. Ch. 32. 1913. eonliagrations in the and Ohio Valleys, Peach Tree Alabama, and in Nebraska ddi·iP1lg the year nineteen hundred and thirteen for which payment or reimbursement is herem provided, 1S approved and ratified. _ _ _ _ _ _ ng? ${1%*;:* g; The action of the Executive m drrechngtheissue, the ixuance proved. by the Surgeon General of the Army, of medical sutpéplies out of the reserve supply for the field service of the Army the value not exceeding $8,239.40, for the relief of suiierers from floods in the Mississippi Valley in nineteen_hundred and thirteen is Qpproved, and credit for all suc sitgplies so issued shall be allowed m e settlement of the accounts of e Medical Department of the Army. _ , °¤***¤,, *° '*'°*wm°¤d_ The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to credit certain appro riations under control of the Engineer Department of the Army with exenditures for the relief of sufferers from floods m the Mississippi V ey in nineteen hundred and thirteen, as follows: 1l1|pprlRiY¤· Im roving Mississippi River (from Head of Passes to the mouth of the Ohio River), $10,125.98 ; _ _ _ Improving Mississippi River from mouth of Ohio River to Minneapolis, Minnesota (for etween mouths of Ohio and Missouri Rivers), $ 4,172.15•

 and care of canals and other works of navigation (ind:-slinite , $186 2· _ _ _ ·

°*“° R*'°'· Improving Ohm River, general improvement, $4,482:02;_ Operating and care of canals and other works of navigation (indefinite , $1,834.54; Improving Ohio River below Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Locks and dams, $379.34; Operating and care of canak and other works of navigation (indefinite 1 “§_{*°°· °*°-· *’*'°¤· Improving Yazoo River and tributaries, Mississippi, allotment Yazoo River, general improvements, $1,671.50; in all, $34,192.35. Navy mwmmc. NAVY DEPARTMENT. ` ¤§•,f°’ °’ °°°° *°’· Rnunr or moon surrmuxas IN Omo AND INDIANA AND ON rms: gglmmumr or Omo AND Mrssrssrrrr Rrvmps AND rum ·rmnu·rAnms: For reim- ” °”'°’""°°"" bursement of naval apprapnations for expenditures on account of relief of flood sufferers m e States of Ohio and Indiana and on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and their tributaries, $130,94038. cdpnglc $1.%* To pay the claims adjusted and determined by the Navy Departmea. ment, under the naval appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen WL °°· ’· °°"· hundred and eleven (Thirty-sixth Statutes at Large, page six hundred and seven), on account of damages occasioned to private pro y by collisions with vessels of the United States Navy and for wm the naval vessels were responsible certified to Congress at its resent session in House Documents Numbered One hundred and iillt ·one and One hundred and eighty-five, and Senate Document Numbered One hundred and ninety-four, $1,781.39. NAVAL ESTABLISHMENT. §{•3•hTg‘l¤<;;mC;!· for _ The “Improvement of hydraulics, Island Straits, and so forth, §§;¤;lu;;ap§:i_eaa m accordance with the report submitted m House Document Numv,;_w,,,_m5_ · bered Eleven hundred an three, Sixtieth Congress, second session," authorized by the naval appropriation Act approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and eleven, may be effected) by the Secretary of the Navy in accordance with such modifications of the plan mcommended ui said refgprt as he may approve, subject, however, to the limitation of cost ed by said Act.