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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. 219 Eirronommsr or ANrrrsus·r Laws: For the enforcement of anti- h§g¢¢>*¤*¤¢ mum trust laws, for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, $8,540.26. ` For the enforcement of antitrust laws, for the fiscal years nineteen hundred and ten and nineteen hundred and eleven, $947 .98. · JUDICIAL. _,,,d,,,,,,,_ The disbursm’ g clerk of the Department of Justice is authorized to P°Ym°¤*°°d°g°°*° pay, from the regular agpropriations provided for such items, after Judgmnd me ya` audit in the Division of ccounts, the salaries of the following officers for the period during which duties were actually performed, notwithetcanding the fact that the appomtments were not confirmed by the nate: Itichard E. Sloan as United States district judge for the district of I“°"""* ”· “‘°"'· Arizona. · ‘ Clinton W. Howard as United States district judge for the western °“”““‘ w·H°""'“· district of Washington. James B. Sloan as United Stats district attorney for the southern J=¤¤¤¤ B- Simdistrict of Alabama. _ _ Lester G. Fant as United States district attorney for the northern Lester G- Fwdistrict of Mississippi. Beverley W. Comer as United States district attorney for the Beverley W- <><>i¤¤r- western district of Washington. Connnmon Comrr: For expenses of the Commerce Court during gg¤}=:§Q¤_:{¤·°x_ the frat half of the nscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, namely: puma, me massa-. clerk, at the rate of $4,000 per annum; deputy clerk, at the rate of ““’°"· $2,500 ser annum; marshal, at the rate of $3,000 per annum; deputy , at the rate of $2,500 pear annum; of necessary guarters in Washington, District of Columbia, and elsewhere, and umishing same for the Commerce Court; for books, Heriodicals, stationery, printing, and binding; for pay of bailiifs an all other necessary employees at the seat of government and elsewhere, not otherwise specifically provided for, and for such other miscellaneous zapenses as may be approved by the presiding judge, $17,500; in $23,500, or so much thereof as may benecessary. . 'l‘he Commerce Court, created and established by the Act entitled ,,,$'?.,‘§{."§{°l,{‘3'Y°' °°` “An Act to create a Commerce Court and to amend the Act entitled W- ¤°· PF ¤*°· 1****- ‘ An Act to regulate commerce,’ approved February fom·th, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, as heretofore amended, and for other purpgses/’ approved June eighteenth, nineteen hundred and ten, is abo hed from and after December thirty-first, nineteen hundred and thirteen, and the 'urisdiction vested in said Commerce Court by m¥ ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤|I IW M said Act is transferred] to and vested in the several district courts of the United States, and all Acts or parts of Acts in so far as th? relate Tum md to the establishment of the Commerce Court are repealed. othing or present imp anherem contained shall be deemed tg affect the tenure of aéily of the ““"°"· judges now ac as circuit 'u y a intmentun er e terms of said Act, bdltlguch jud lm contirlil): to act under assignment, asin the said Act providedgilss judges of the district courts an circuit N courts of pppleoals; and in the event of and on the death, resignation, ..pp3¤,'§,°£’”°" °° °° or remov m office of any of such judges, his office is hereby abolished and no successor to him shall be appointed. The venue of any suit hereafter brought to enforce, suspend, or d°}’s°§{*{n°U{,,•;*g°;°°g0; set aside, m whole or_m‘£art, any order of the Interstate Commerce mmcmmuaa Commissmn shall be rn e judicial district wherein is the remdenco of the party or any of the arties upon whose etition the order was made, except that where the order does not relate to &t1qn or is not made upon the petition of any party the venue be in the district where the matter complained of in thedpetition before the eommissionariseaandexceyrtthatwhuetheo erdoesnotrelste