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226 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. ang J ersgy Cgiiy, Niw including connections with present main ' t . '¤`=g1>¤¤¤ ¤•*·¤· mW1li1dde?dr alixfg at any port of the United States are tem- “°ii°xp¤°J§°:i2» bepaid porarily removed from a vessel in accordance with the provisions of {K,§T“““’°'°‘"°" section sixteen of the immigration Act approved Ifebruary twentieth, W- 3% P·°°°· nineteen hundred and seven, the transportation lmes which brought them and the masters, owners agents, and consignees of the vessel on which they arrive shall ay all expenses of such removal and all ex-

 during sdbsequent detention  decision of the

biht of such aliens to enter the United tates and until they are zllsiler allowed to land or returned to the care of the line or to the vessel which brogght them, and such expenses shall include those of maintenance, m 'cal treatment in hos ital or elsewhere, burial m the event of death, and chaiiples for transler to the vessel in the event $§f"§*]"§‘m of deportation, excepting o y where such expenses arise under the ¤·s··=····-· ··· l°§?“£E.f“.ir££§*?t‘éli°l$2“§§°t°§$J§2.’?’..‘£?$§€*§3“E.“.$*m‘“¥§'£§‘.¤“*‘°“ mm unlebs the master, owner, agent, or consignee thereof shall guarantee · in a manner prescribed by and to the satisfaction of the Secretary of labor that said expenses will be paid. Mzuaava · LEGISLATIVE. ¤¤¤¤¤ °*¤¤·¤¤¤•*· Housm Orman Bunmmez For maintenance including miscella- '"' neous items and for all neceasagpervices to be expen ed by the Superintendent of the Cap1t0l B and Grounds under the aggrvision and direction of the commission m control of the House ce Buildirg, $9,982.29. _ _ _ _ ¤{><·¤¤¤Q.¤¤¤ ¤¤ ¤¤•l The upenntendent of the Capitol Building and Groimds is authormm ized to pay, out of the appropriation for Capitol power plant, fiscal ear nineteen hundred and thirteen, the sum 0 $438, amount of demurrasie on shipments of coal for Capitol power plant between the dafieshlflet mary seventeenth and April fourteenth, nineteen hundred an theen. ,,,?§gEf,};‘f§‘,§1§,’¥ “”'°‘ The statement of appropriations and so forth, for the last session d,{¤:dgP¤¤*?)g$,g:g of the S1xty-second ngress shall include the sundry civil and lmwtsmuasain. Indian appropriation Acts as passed at the extraordinary session of the Sixtythird Congress, and all other lgpropriations made at the latter session shall be compiled and imib ed with the statement to ge pre$ireid(pf the appropriation b for the second session of the ix y- ir on . f{,g,*;y,{,gg{*y;;m_ For additio bexs of the Capitol police force for the balance of the Escal year nineteen hundre and fourteen as follows: One lieignlenant, apsthe rate olf $1,200 per annum and fourteen privates, at erateo 1050eac perannum; ne—h f 'd testob selected by the Sergeant at Arms of tlge Se1ilate0a1illl101l)e;'}ll’:lf by the Dwmm omsbum Sergeant at Arms o the House of Representatives; in all, $11 925, or mem str. so much thereof as may be necessary, one half to be disbursed by the Secretary of the Senate and the other half to be disbursed by the Clerk of the House of Representatives. “"°“’· . ssxarn. sl§§'g,1TK,§",,‘?“"““ To pay Mrs. Carrie Sherman, widow of Honorable James S. P¤v¤¤W*¤¤w· Sherman, late Wee Pres1dent,_ United States, $12 000, being a sum meph F_ Jcmm equal to one year’s salary as Vice President of the United States. Pay to widow. F ',}0&?gt0Tl1f;I`0S8 Hpoge;r1iohin.§.1o1i; widogcg iéhe late Senator Joseph M, .o nromeao aama ,0. Sgmaters. pm °° _Fer twenty-three steuographers to Sdnators from December first . 1 mneteen hundred and thrrteen,_to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, both dates mclusive, at the rate of $1,200 per annum