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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 4. 1913. 245 11 't:Provided nhe»·T11attheSec t tthinterirshau ¤·*··-¤¤¤··¤·>·; by greg; such maui; makers no such iztigi ir hecshall aid that ¤“°°N.‘“" °‘ “‘ ‘“°°’ the tc•<:Inn)trut<i1tion or ng thebvflorks has been delayed or preact or e enem, r `eermg` or Xiihler difgcultiiies tli)at could not {Eve (been rgasiinalily iioreseen and overcome or by_ other special or peculiar diiliculties beyond the com wh control of the Bald {autos: Promded further That, m the exercise '°“` of therights Act, thegrantee shall at all tumes comply with the regulations erem authorized, and in the event of any material departure therefrom the Secretary of the Interior or the Secretary o Agriculture, res tively may take such action as may be necess in the courts 0£?l'»hB1'W{S0 to enforce such regulatio Sec. 6.a'll{xat the grantee is prohibited from ever selling or letting S°%‘f""°“"°°°" to any corporatmn or individual, except a. municipality or a mumci al water district or irrigation district, the right to sell or sublet the water or the electric energy sold or {ven to 1t or him by the said _ grantee: Pmmded That the rights here y granted shall_not be sold, $1'§',~‘§,;i.,,, .,,, .,. assigned, or to any private person, corporation, or asso- °°'¤*¤*· - c1ation,_ and m case of any attempt to so sell, or con- "°§’ ““? g’rt'$‘}h°‘" "`Z£"?"" “° Q1? G‘t"°“"?®° ° 1 time i3“’“’”‘ ¤=······,.,,,,,,..,··~· ~·¤· ·· nc. . oran mconsi era ono egran e m States as provided for in this Act the said grantee shag assign, free g°****- to Umm of cost to the United States, all roads and built under e fpm- mb W visions hereof; and further, after thehejparation of five years om ,,.,,1,, the passage o this Act the Fantee _ {pay to the United States the sung 0 $15,000 annually or a period o ten years, beg1.n.n:u;g with the expiration of the jive-year period before mentioned, and_ or the next ten years followm,<i:g0,000 annually, and for the remainder of

1m.1°..g.‘ *%:111. awww ¤.::h12,.zhs.s. ;:1·¤.¥,°.·1:r:s·;.**;1

$30,000 annuagy, said sums to be paid on the first day of July of each A { md. ’°“" UM? ‘&"§i°°t§’.."%i"i‘*1.‘2.TI.fé" °°“g“*§z“‘d§."i"“ ai bliiilldigg mmm masearateun ni tatesto a toe °` and mgintenance ofy roads and trails otherliiiiégovernents in the gplifemite Naltinnglc Pairk anntnlthiegtnpimond _ m tghtei State nf orma. e cre ary o e ers esigna e uses o be made of sums paid under the provisions of this section under the c0IS(1i10tiuSIiS 0d1vi1§§d1H " as used herein shall be understood ,,,:,2,{"'°°°" °°"’ as meaning the city and county of San lfrancisco and such other municipalities or_ water district or water districts as may, with the °"“§°“1'i °t“‘° ‘?lt "‘§? F°“i”5 it S"? EE°‘°§i?€§» °’.}»? *`°°¥"*““°° wit te wso e seo aorma, er 1c1aemor succeed to the benecial rights and privileges granteld by this Act. Bmmmdnm `Sec. 9. That this grant is made to the said ggantee subject to the ggservanclehtgn thefbgnrt of the uggantee of all the conditions herem· · ore an rema : _ (a) That u n the lzltion of the Hetch Hetch Dam or the E:f°ic?·i°P¤ka¤m. IE . Q. . . Y ¤¤¤¤*¤ Lake Eleanor am, m the owmite National Park, by the grantee, as herein specified, and upon the commencement of the use of any reservoirs thereby created by said grantee as a source of water supply for said grantee, the following samtary regulations shall m_ 0 efl’ectg(wni)w1tlig1 the watershed above and around said reservoir sites o us said grantee: S First. Uo human excrement, garbage, or other refuse shall be R°"°°°’°"" place? intiilie W?t<·>1s of any reservoir or stream or within three himee ereo . Second. All sewage from rmanent camps and hotels within the °"""’ watershed shall be filtered Ty nntural Hercolation through porous earth or otherwise adequately purified or wtmyed.