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246 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sues. II. Orr. 4. 1913. P¤¤¤¤¤¤¤**•*¤¤· Third. No person shall bathe wash clothes or cooking utensils, or water stock in, or in any way pollute, the water within the limits of the Hatch Hetfphythlteservoir or apyrhirssewozr copstrtplrcted by tpe said gauteeuner e rovrsronso g¤m,orm estreamseadmg ereto within ond) mile of said reservoir; or, with reference to the Hetch iiletchy Reservoir, in the waters from the reservoir- or waters entering the river between it and the "Early intake" of the zggueduct, pending the completion of the aqueduct between "Early mt e" and _ the Hetch Hetchy Dam site. _ u,,ET’°“° °‘ ""’°‘* Fourth. The cost of the inspection necessary to secure compliance with the sauitaryoregntplatieplns made a pgrlth of these concgrttgingiizlhirch inhsgspctionshall un ert edrrectrono eSecretaryo e or, s be defra b the said grantee. Hmm" p‘““°’°"" Fifth. If am ytime the sanitary regulations provided for herein shall be deemed K said grantee insufficient to rotect the purity of the water supply, then the said antee shall install aiiltration lant or U°° by °°mp°”’°t°' rovide other means to guaraflthe urit of the water. Ni: other P , , , P Y 00e00·¤0 00*00 00 m¤0"00sh0’00" ::0 0%.0i.0a00.;0000 by 00 200*0: *0 :%:0 sai granteeasto useo ewa rs ycampers, urrs ,or e occu ants of hotels and cott . x¤eli°dr°$¤“Qsu°¤ig iii; (bi) That the said grantehgghall recognize the prior rights of the °"§»,’§;,, mt, ,,,,,,8. Modesto Irrigation District and the Turlockéxatron District as now ¤****· constituted bugider thai-aws of grlnetgtate {pf plrinia, or as gud tricts ma, enlargi con ain in e aggrega no exceed theee hundred thousan acres of land, to receive two thousand three hundred and fifty second-feet of the natural daily How of the Tuolumne River, measured at the lga_Grange Dam, whenever the same can be used rgggaéron districts, and that the antee never rn ere wr said . a6i»°i°m°°°l nt °t gr (c) That whenever said irrigation districts receive at the La Grange Dam less than two thousand three hrmdred and fifty second—feet of water, and when it is necessary for their benehcial use to receive more water the said grantee shall release free of charge out of the natural daily ilow of the streams which rt has mtercelpted, so much water as may be necessary for the beneficial use of said urngatron districts not exceeding an amount which, with the waters of the Tuolumne and its M R 1 vc r tributaries, will cause a How at La Grangle Dam of two thousand three """"?m° h§"d"’51·"‘*d im 3i’€"‘i;*°t2”éifJ’d tilt il? '°€§"““° .ih° MH? °{ tesar rmaron rrc ex o our thousand secon-ee of water out? of the natural daily iiow of the Tuolumne River for combined drrect use and collection rnto storage reservous as may be rovided by said irrrgatron districts, durin the period of sixty dhys immediately following and including Apr§ fifteenth of each year, and shall during such period release free of charge such gantity of water as may be necessary to secure to the said irrigation tricts such four thousand second—feet flow or portion thereof as the said irri tion districts are capable of beneficially directly and storing @1ow §{g_‘f_*;;°,d,,,y,,0,_ Jawbone Creek: Provided, however That at such times as the a gregate daily natural ilow of the watershed of the Tuolumne its triliutaries measured at the La Grangp Dam shall be less than said districts can beneficially use and less t an two thousand three hundred and fifty second—feet, then and rn that event the said gpantee shall release, free of chargpé the entire natural daily How of the streams which it has · Daum, of mm under t grant intercepted. • _ · mm. (d) That the said grantee whenever the said irrigation districts desire water rn excess of that to which they are entitled under the foregoing, shall on the written demand of the said irrigation districts sell to_the sard irrigation districts from the reservoir or reservoirs of the sard grantee such amountsoi stored water as may be needed for the bene oral use of the said irrigation districts at such a price as will return to the grantee the actual total costs of providing such stored