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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 6. 1913. 267 United Statgs two ppp tclpntum Gowéemnlielngnligands, become a first and amount `en on ts suc . Pahny Jiesuglrve bmay) atbany time tgagduce iis giabillig fop- mF;g;‘,;*g’,§,§g}* °’ ‘** outstan reserve notes y e ` , wit e era pesieglvle agent, Fetderaldrgzierve n<i_tg•RPg§ld, gold cetxgiicatles, or a mone 0 e nite ates. e reserve no so gged noi? reissued, except upon compliance with the condilalldiisr ongmal ZISSII . lhs Federal resgrve agent shall hold such gold, {gold certificates _ or ,,_§°°¤"° “¤°¤"* °°· gzwful money avaglgsblehexcluéivglggortgxchmge pgilhe ederalreserveno wenoer y ereserve ow eis

_ director. UponBt)h;dre3%st of the mg the Treasuryttlire ,h,°` l “°'d °°

ederal e e reserve agen o transmit so much of said gold to lzlle 'l`reas11.;·¥ of the United States as may be required for the exclusive purpose the redemption of such - otes. ° Any Federal mms bank may at ie assesses withdraw western ..&‘°’*°"*° °‘ °°“** deposited with the local Federal reserve agent for the dprotection of its Federal reserve notes deixited with it and shall at e same time substitute therefor other . collateral of equal amount with the approvall omE`de;lr;;¢ialRresene]£a‘ge1g: under regulations to be pre- In ordelr to furnish suitable xlotessi-or circulation as Federal reserve ,,,§f;’}',§"T,{‘,',§{' l"‘“*' réptes, the Oomptirholler of the Currencylashall, the tdgrectionvg 0 Treasury· tes an to engra i30the_ tohsguard t counterfipliis and fraudulegii teratxons ( an ve m num su gggntities lot such notes_ olimthe denominations of $5, $10, $20, $100, as magrcbe required to supply the Federal reserve banks. Slpch notes shall in tiorm and tenor ps bydthe Secrlztarytig 'Treasury under rovisio o ct an ar disftinctive numbers ofctlie severlsl Federal reserve banks through which they are issued. _ _ ly of www When such notes have been prepared, they shall be deposited m zmum. the Treasury or m the subtreasug or m1nt» of the United States nearest the place of business of ea Federal reserve bank and shall be held for the use of such subject to the order of the Oomptroller of the Currency for their dehvcry, as pawnded by this Act. M pw. The plates and dies to be procured by the mptroller of the Our- ,,.°.,'.,,,.°°°’, rency or the rmting of such circulating notes shall remam under his contr0l’k1w.(:1§'·`directii3t>n, and ttllie expenses micessghrily ag t' were to eprocuringosu no an _ gil? el%genses incidentatgg their issue and retirement, shall be aid by the _ ederal reserve banks, and the Federal Reserve Board include m its estimate of expenses levied agamst the_Federal reserve bag a sufficient amc¥un1iatt¢;Smy1i•;§th herelm prriwrillpyd {015 hmm an 0 . regulations relatlilllg tg sdlzh earamimition opmfdliesfoandl so forth ¤l:¤l»:°°h?;·l"::;·1m°· of national-bank notes guovided for in section fifty-one hundred and pleventy-four Reyised tatutes, is hereby extended to include notes Bllonn pdgproprialtldn heretofore made opt of the general of mdpggel; Elie 'lgeasurjg :0;) engraving plattgs and dies, the 10fmdt1i1t111?h¢:; °‘i;°,_ 35, p_ 5,, 1ve a cover an 0 er expense m ec Eirintgmltriational-bm1l:u:11(§rt:;•ii or tpzitglprovliided frgspy (the Act of e nineteen t any m ve paper thlllzr be {An hatérgd ali ttllrte tirngnof th; of this gint used e discre n o e Secretary or e urgses and $0uld the appropriations heretofore mage _ ei ,.$,{""°”“l"’*"°"l` meet the requirements of this Act m addition to circulating notes providedforbyexistmglaw,theSe•:retary:sher·ebyauthor1zed to