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308 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 38, 39, 41. 1914. [""""r~¤=‘§‘i..7;) a‘é.E.‘§£.%;t“.t;%§32%§‘°.£t“t°1%a“*;“c%°§?;$‘NEt“§z?£.“”° Be itenaded theSenateandHouaco esentat·icsot}wUited i‘iY..£°.i°Q1l;l;$';}¥>QY; States of Amer?a in Oyrese a.¢aernbled,B'1€git autherityfbe, arlld is

  • 'gn hereby, granted to the udson River Connecting Railroad Corpor·a—

tron a corporation orgamz un er e ws o e tate o ew ' _ ' ed d th la th S f N Yorlr, its successors and assigns, to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge, together with the necessary approaches thereto, across the I·°°°“°”· Hudson River, at a somt suitable to the mterests of na ation cncmcacu. betvijeen Castleton an Schodack Landing, in accordance the V°*- 3*-1*- 8*- provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to regulate the construction of bridges over nav¥able waters," approve March twenty-third, l nineteen hundred an six. ' Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Approved, March 13, 1914. H ip:] a Act of the water supply of the city of Baker. [Pu , o. Bc·itc·nadcdb·yt7wScnat¢andHmtseoR esentaf tl'wUited ,,,'§F"‘“ N‘“°'“‘ States of America in Gnigrees aagembled,fTh'2;rthe pubvli; linda 5r1;¤_qhgr¤gh·r#'r_;gg the Whitman National orest situated in the county of Baker, State gpg;. ’ " of Oregon, hereinafter described, are hereby reserved from all forms of location or entry and_set asrde as a municipal water-supply reserve for the benefit of the city of Baker a municipal corporation of the 1»¤¤•*=¤*¤- State of Oregon, to wrt: South halt! of northeast quarter and north half of southeastoguartar section four, townshi nine south, §L‘;',,‘”,,,;,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,_ thrrtyjeaght east the Willamette meridian: fprovided That if Ee wr- said city of Baker shall at any time cease to use said land for said purpose then, and in that event, the rights hereby anted to said city shatllcexe t6t{1i0S t1'l0li6(l. title to said landgghall revert to an ves m 0 m a . ¤¤¤=*¤***¤*>¤¤*¤¤·*‘- Sec. 2. That to accom lish the urpose f this A t denned ° v°m’ pm “°°°’°t°' section one hereof said oily of Balrgr s all liaave the subject 3 appirsoyéltply {.hedSecb1(;eta1g of (;l.1ll2l11Jg tpo the use (pf any and all p e an a ve escn or ying vgater and the construction and maintenarlcertggrgln gingervoirg, p;pIe:é&;;:5(llm£e1s, mtiailnféecogidurts, and otnher or any improvements e s version, or ansmrssno ter. ,,;;;*7** we **0* **’· Sac, 3. _Th¤t this Act’shall be subject to the vggidwrlgiia of my mumcrpahty, person, or persons m or to the above-described premises t or any part thereof or the water thereof. “'“°‘°"°“ ‘ Sec. 4. That ge right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserv Approved, March 14, 1914. · ¤¤{g§¤&.9}?14- engr. 41.-4:.11 arc; To cumccizc the Tug River and Kentucky Ihilrcad com-

 *.2.*.::.t. .,;=·;*“*·.,.n * *:;:*;:.;·=:.*:*·cm ”z$.‘¢.i.§;i s;.:*::£€ me Rm ** *· M ***·

Be1Ztenactedl>·ytheSena:tea1¢dHortseo Re ‘ r , . , presentaiwes of the United ai;;$;R;;?:d°;"?u{ States 4% America rn. Ovmgresa assemblegi, {'hat the Tug River aird Kencm naurcca cm. tuck; mlmed Cvmgrny, a corporation organized under- the icws of ggg1g;?y;{ms¤.P¤¤ the tate of Kentuc , its successors cpd assigns, bc, and they are hereby, authorized to construct, mamtam and operate a bridge and approaches thereto across the Tug Fork of Sand River at a oint . . Y suitable to the mterests of navigation near lie mouth of Blackberry