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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 56. 1914. 34]. For postage and telegrams, $375; g,f!g*¤z¤ md wk- For stationery, name y: Blank books, paper, envelopes, qluills, steel smi¤¤¤ry· pens, rubpershlerasielri, p1elpS<;ils,dp11;;cilage,_tyvax,twafers1·_fo ders, lgaseners, ru es es, an ypewri ers wri mg su p es oiiizip frirnitlére, peiahdlders, tape, desk kn1ves,ylil?)tting pad; and ru er an $2,50 * For transportation hf materials, discharged cadets, and for ferriages, T*°°"**’°'°°u°°' for hire of camp sites for cadets on practice marches, for transportation of first class} o ihgadetsl to anddfrplm Gettysburg batik; iieldwor trapsportation 0 t an secon ass ca ets to an rom aterv `et Arsenal and Sandy Hook Ground, or other ordnance establishment; and for expenses of officers detailed to accompany cadets Onlilillelilnlgriplsi, d b' t t' f iii P"¤“¤¢ rm : or an m ype, ma e or 0 ce · including repairs to motors and machuiery, diplomas for graduates, annual registers, blaplks, and monthly reports to parents of cadets, and conf encies $1 70 • Fdiigepartriienla of davalry, artillery, and infantry tacticst Tau bark Q°.la°°;Y or other proper cover for riding hall, to be urchased in open market mtv *=°¤°¤· upbon written ordig of the Sl1 »€·11dfBD.l3, $1,200; d or camp stoo , camp an office urniture an repairs to S8.I!16° for doormats for cadet barracks, sinks, and gniardhouse; for station; EK ”'*2$I§`L‘L*£}**§g i“{’§L*l’°" ”"}‘*5‘??*£§; E'd“S° Q? *”§"Ei§§*1§§Z)‘leS”S*S*5 ms o ICS; o o ma s m an mounting ma§s; for fplumes, silk and worsted sashes for cadet officers and acting p cers; or furniture, curtains, and rugs for cadet reception room 1 200*

 anld athletic supplies: For repairs, new machines,

athletic supplies, and fixtures for gymnasium; or foils, masks, belts, fencing gloves, fencing Jackets, gaiters, sabers, and repairs; for repairs gud improvements to ressing rooms, platform, and swimming tank, 2,000* _For i·epa.irs to saddles, bridles, purchase of leather, curb chains, bits, stirrups, and so forth, and to keep the same m repair, $250; For purchase of carbons and for repairs and maintenance of searchlight for goasthAé·tillerXrngglht practice andlfor miscelgageous expenses connecte wit oast ery ntro stations 1 5* Fear repair of mattreixsées, imiragcllaines, Lasnds fg}; replacing wom-out artic es in gymnasium o av arrac 1 * For riding hall: Providing material foi· hurdles, and upkeep of wings, head posts, and_s0 forth; installing apparatus for running at rmgs;_ purchase ot a disk harrow for keeping footing m condition; lowering electric lights and providmilreffectors for same; mstallmg apicilweg cilipping machine in riding h stables for animals stabled at r1 g a , $615; For one typewriting machine: Provwkled, That the old machine may be exchange in part payment for new one, $75; For one hundred new tent iloors; and for and painting senésry botxes, lamgposts, tw asfils, shower bat , an undergroun sm to eimme`ateyav`a e$1500· = For purchase of thread, wax, neellles, for,new blades, sharpening old blades, and for spare parts and accessories for power clippinimachmes and saddlerfs sewing machine in the cavalry and artillery sta les, $150; For repairs to mattresses, machines, and for replacinisworn-out articles 111 the drill hall and gymnasium of artillery arrac , and for miscellaneous expenses therewith, $100; Depmmm 0, cm For departmentpf civil and military engineering: For models, muzi, and mmm-y engineers purchase and repair of instruments, ap aratus, drawing boards, dos , ***8* chairs, shelves, and cases for books and) instruments, textbooks, books of reference, and stationery for the use of instructors, and contingencies, $1,200;