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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Ssss. II. Ch. 71. 1914. 349 twelve companies of Volunteer Coast Artillery raised, with rank corpxesponding to that established by law for chaplains in the Regular rmy. Sec. 7. That in appointing the volunteer officers authorized by §,§;*jjl{g¤y>f <g}j_¤¤¤- this Act the President may se act them from the Regular Army, from vcr. zz, piliie. ' those duly of ualified and registered pursuant to section twenty-three of the Act o Congress approved January twenty-Hist, nineteen hun- ·dred and three, from the country at large, from the organized land militia of the District of Columbia, and, upon the recommendation of the various governors, from the organized land militia of the several States and Territories in proportion, as far as practicable, to V their respective populations, and as far as compatible with the interests of the mihtary service, from the localities from which the troops with which the officers appointed upon said recommendation are to serve shall have been recruited: Provided That in appoint- rmrwim. ments from the country at large preference shall be given those who shall have had honora le service m the Regular Arm , the National Guard, or the volunteer forces, or who shall have Keen graduated from educational institutions in which military instruction is comptulsory: Provideéfurtlwr, That at the same time, not to exceed one ,,°‘f, egular Army officer shall hold a volunteer commission in any one nqdcigrihuou battalion of volunteer engineers or signal troops, or in any one bat- ' talion of Volunteer Field Artillery; and not to exceed four Regular Army officers shall, at the same time, hold commissions in any one regiment of Volunteer Cavalry, Field Artilleriy, or Infant? or m any twelve com anies of Coast Artillery, inc uding therr eld and staff: Andpmnlgzdfurdw, That Regular Army officers appointed as ,,§‘,§‘,§‘,§‘§'v,‘f,§,LE‘d‘}"" officers of olunteers under this Act shall not thereby_ vacate their Regular Army commissions nor shall they be prejudiced in their relative or lineal standing therein by reason of their service under their volunteer commissions. _ Sec. 8. That the temper vacancies created in any igrade not ,,,*,Q,l,},},,'§‘°,f,E,‘$?”',§ above that of colonel amonguthe commissioned personnel o any arm, gg; d*;g,°°;g>_g;’_§*g,{; staff corips, or department of the Regular Army, through Eppomt- umm. ments o officers thereof tohigigervounteenranlr, shall e ed by tem orary promotions, accor g to seniority in rank of officers holding commissions in the next lower grade m said 81111, staff corp)s, or department; and all temporaix vacancies created in any grade y temporary promotions shal1_in e manner be filled from, and thus create temporary vacancies rn, the next lower grade; and the vacancies that remain thereafter m said arm, staff corps, or department, that can not be Hlled by temporary promotions, as prescribed rn this section, may be filled y the temporary appointment of officers of such number and Qade or grades as shall maintain sa1d_ arm corps, or de artment at the full commissioned strength authorized by law: Prmrided, That in the Staff Corps and departments subject to the remporéry me asprovisions of sections twenty-six and twenty-seven oi the Act of Con- *°%§,_ 3,,,, ,55_ fees approved Februar? second, nineteen_hundred and one, and cts amendatory thereo , templorary vacancies that can not be filled by temporary {promotions, as ereinbefore prescribed, shall be filled by temporary etails made in the manner prescribed m sand sections twenty-six and twenty-seven and Acts amendatory thereof, and the resulting temporary vacancies in the branches of the Army from which the details are so made sha.ll be filled as hereinbefore in this SBQUOD Limit 0, tmpmry prescribed: Provided, That officers temporarily promoted or appomwd appointments. under the terms of this section shall be so promoted or appzfted by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the ate, for terms that shall not extend beyond the termination of the war or, if war shall not occur,_ beyond the passing of the imminence thereof, as dehned by the Pres1dent’s proclamation, and upon the expuatron of