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380 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 72. 1914. ` offered to donate to the United States, and which has been inspected V¤L=6.p.1m. by the commission authorized under the joint resolution approved Februaiiy twentiy-fourth, nineteen hundred and eleven, and the other m ·“"’“"* of and if Ipiir thplusand acrelsgt ornear Annistogi) tcliegtati of a ama, w °c as ereto ore nmspected' y on tep en “· ’“2.“¤» me ‘ss¤·' lim? %s·:?mAm» as ;**°...¤f‘:z.¥h° re sumi y tote ar p entonte ay nmuaemmeu. ofpflanuary nineteen hundred and twelve: Provided urther, That neither of the aforesaid tracts of land shall be acce}_i)te`d~ by the Sec- . retary of War xmless fee-siliéple title without encum rances shall be conveyed by pxgciper and s cient deeds to the United States for the ppiépose of eat?) a nlianeuwiering camp and {or the manepveringg o roops esa mgan mamammgcampso instruction or 'e and ranges, and for mobihw and asse bl' of t from_such“gtates as may be designate by the S§:rel;1?·y of Pélsts_:g:h:;;¢ cgi ]I;m1{vde1dh_j%¢rther,éThat ppp? acguisitign of title to tl; land mentioned seaman. erem eSecrearyo aris erey erau orized' toocate and establish u on said land a rmanent f th troops of the `lllnited States Array, and tolgsagilallivsli. xfnaglinatiilitaiii thereon camps of mstruction_ for rifle and artillery ranges and for ,,'°°¤·**¤¤¤j, mgg Secre o ar: rounded urther, a ere- {;)h;ed; 1<i)1; E2 fofwtroopls from spch Statr?1 aéslpiay eesuuaeu. after the allotment to any State Territo , the Distri t f Col - %,f_·g§f‘;·,}§‘,g¤*““°· bia from the annual a ropriation madyb ogection sixtgeii) hundred and sixty-one, Revisemluétatmtes, as amencfred, shall be available for the p sxciggd l;y1awf%1;rly utgder suchgconditions as may be prescri y e crearyo ar seeuree ectiveorganizational eldorcampserviceforinstruti d all Eld mm com Mm. efliéiency on the pgart ofAt;1e <lDll1i§t?iI;f(;R;f m°r°”°d B _ gummxr or oasr rmnnar ANIZED MH, ; Mgzeipmme as as Equipment of Coast Artillery, armddéeldflglggdnaglmd lMi1itia—Dn1f1’l'Ind&y guns and mortars, mounts or dummy gums and mortars, dummy ammumtion, loading appliances, e and position finding equipment, aiming and laying devices, sulicaliher tubes and mountings therefor, labor and material necessary to install dummy guns and ‘“p.».°"“i‘?;’..;‘-’i‘.§l..B,“’ £$`3?¤;§§“*§’°§ §”‘§Z’§.`£’?S *?>T”‘“£$§l{’”“1 *"“` . _ rovi e y or ast ery compames of the 'tia, to be immediately available and to remain available until expended, $100,000. ggxggggegmm _ Sunsrsrmwcn or mn Aaur: Purchase of subsistence sup lies: For ew. mus, as rations to troops, employees when entitled) thereto, hospital gnatrons, nurses, applicants or enlistment while held under observation, general [prisoners of war (including Indians held by the Army as prisoners, ut for whose subsistence appropriation is not otherwise made), Indians employed with the Arm as guides and scouts, and military convicts at posts; for the subsistence of the pnastersétofficeis, ciezs, §ndfemployees of the vessels of the Ai-my ranspo service; o co t tra · · cooked_ or travel rations; r(l$ea(l§fd1?OrgScrmtY1i?;mgarYiiagna;]dpE;1;;gc:lnls _ czlnllistmepitéhwhile 1md;}·;>vbl;e8(1i;va'it1ic;Ln; for sales to omceis and en- Nnmmimmwh _ en o e : r , t the sum of $12 000 is authorized to be expend d ey ly1ng` eals fumi,g,hj¤g’ · ofujations to enlisiied (iiigiilloli the 1l.negula1?1Ar1ny and themmudiiidgd Militia who may be competitom in the national riiie match Cm ¤¤¢¤¤*·¤- jurther, That no competitor shall be entitled to commutation of rations m excess of $1.50 er da and when ‘ expense than thatgum man per dslgeills the no gmatgr hymml in m I H be im d. 0I' e peno econtest as .1···—·=···=·- ·· ·— m%¤§1$“a. c...i.e_ at ‘£»€§"u¤a.3's*’t2€`..‘Z°%e.$ i‘§2e“§E$§°£.’“a‘ll of the regular established ration, at the rate of 30 cents per rationof the regulatxon allowances of commutation in lieu of rations ai