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QSIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. H. C11. 72. 1914. 361 enlisted men on furlough, enlisted men and male and female nurses when stationed at places where rations in kind can not be economically issued, and when travelingipglr detached duty where it is impractica le to carry rations of any d, enlisted men selected to contest for places or prizes in depaszrtments and Army rifle competitions while traveling to and from E es of contest, male and female nurses on leaves o absence, app °cants for enlistment, and military convicts while traveling under orders· of commutation of rations in lieu of the regular established ration for members of the Nurse Corgxs (female) while on duty in hospital, at 40 cents per ration, and or enlisted men, applicants for enlistment while held under observation, and military convicts sick therein, at the rate of 30 cents pir ration (except that at the general hospital at Fort Bayard, New exico, 50 cents per ration and at other general hospitals 40 cents per ration are authorized for enlisted patients therem) to be Ipeaid to the surgpon in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,“,,d charge; advertising; for providing prizes to established y the wks Secret;£ of War for enlisted men of the Army who graduate from the Army ools for bakers and cooks, the total amount of such prizes at moms, wm, the various schools not to exceed $900 per annum; for other necessary me weexipenses incident to the purchase, care, preservation, issue,. sa e, and accounting for subsistence supp es for the Army, $9,802,- 8,,,, t., N", md 141.39: Promkled further, That the officers and the enlisted men of ¥¤¤¤°°°¤¤· the Navy and the Marine Corps shall be errnitted to éurchase subsistence supplies at the same price as is cllrarged the officers and the Pmm 0, wd enlisted men of the Army; and the officers and the enlisted men of Supplies by Amy. the Army shall be permitted to purchase subsistence from the Navy and Marine Coxx at the same §rice as is charge e officers and the enlistedmen of eNavy and arine Corps. U fmdpm And further, That hereafter all money; arising from sales ¤¤rs°?° mm of subsistence supplies or stores, authorized by w and regulations, shall be covered mto the Treasury to the cred1t of the proper appropriation and shall remain availab e throughout the Hscal year fo owing that in which the sales were effected, for the purposes of that appropriation from which such supplies or stores were authorized to be supplied at the time of the sales. u su REGULAR Surrnms, Quaarnauasraa Cours: Regular supplies of qrllmrimexe Eg the guarterrnaster Corps, including their care and protection, consisting o stoves and·heating apparatus required for heating offices hospitals, barracks and quarters, and recruiting stations, and Uinited tates military prisons; also ranges, stoves, coffee! masters, and appliances for cooking and serving food at posts, in the iield, and w en traveling, and replair and maintenance of such heating and cooking ap liances; authorized issues of candles and matches; for H°°*¤“*"*·°*°· furnishing li)eat and light for the authorized allowance of quarters for officers and enlisted men; for contract surgpons and acting dental surgeons when stationed at and occupying pu lic quarters at military posts, for officers of the National Guard attending service and grrrson schools, and for recruits, guards, hospitals, storehouses, offices, Rm“t,0ubuu“¤v_ the blllldllllgg erected at private cost, in the operation of the Act vom, P_m_ agiroved y thirty-first, nineteen hundred and two; for sale to ’ o cers, and including also fuel and elgne supplies required in the operation of modern batteries at estab ed posts; for post bakeries, includingl bake ovens and apparatus (pertaining thereto, and the repair thereof; for ice mac es an their maintenance where required for the health and comfort of the troops and for cold storagc ; ice for issue to organizations of enlisted men and offices at such places as the Secretary of War may determine, and for preservatxonpf stores; for the copstruction3‘:%>peration, and maintenance of laundnes at mihtary posts in the Uni States and its island possessions; for the authorized issues of laundry materials for use of general prisoners