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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Gus. 96-98. 1914. 381 'l‘here is authorized to be eizpended out of the appropriation made ,,,E¥°‘“° °m°° B““d· in the joint resolution approve October twenty-fourth, nineteen him- iVn1;<1¤w&v¤i¤ss. dred and thirteen, for urnishing the additional rooms in the House ’p' Oiiice Building, not exceeding $1,600 for additional awnings for the windows in said building. oovnammzrr rnmrme ormon. MPREQY pming “° For printing and binding for the War Department, $50,000. w" D°P°"m°“‘· Approved, May 25, 1914. CEAP. 97.-An Act To amend an Act entitled "An Act providing that the State M8F25y1914. of Wyoming be permitted to relinquish to the Ilnited States certain lands heretofore S- 65-] selected an to select other lands from the public domain in hen thereof/’ approved [rasuc, Ne. ma] April twelfth, nineteen hundred and ten. Be it evuuzted the Senate and House 0 Representatives of the United States of Ammdbcld. in Congress assembled? That the pvrovisions of the f;';},’l,*§¤l§§‘°2} tm, . Act entitled "An Act providing that the State of yoming be per- §J{f,*cdWY°m*¤¤ ¤· mittcd to relinquish to the United States certain lands hereto ore V¤1.` 36, p. zss, selected and to select other lands from the public domain in lieu °m°°°°d‘ thereof/’ approved April twelfth, nineteen hundred and ten, be, and the same are hereby, extended so as to include and apply to the southeast quarter of section thirteen in township twenty-seven north, range eighty-Eve west. Approved, May 25, 1914. CHAP. 98.-An Act To rovide for warning' s1gnals' on vessels w on m 25*19]* or engaged in dredging or diher submarine work, and to amend selbrtliirhgmovblotllg Act approved J ime seventh, eighteen and ninetggteven, entitled "An Act lP“*’u°·N°· 1°"·l to adopt regulations for preventing colhsions upon certain bors, rivers, and inland waters of e United Sta.tes." Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assemblat, That section two of the Act “°gg¤*¤¤¤ ¤¤ i¤1¤¤¤ approved June seventh eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, entitled vsnl ss, p. mz, "An Act to adopt regulations for preventing collisions ugm certain ""“"’°"· harbors, rivers, and inland waters 0 the United States," amended to read as follows: _ HSBC. 2. That the supervising mspectors of steam vessels and the ;,,}§;‘§,{f" °'”'*“* Supervising Inspector General shall establish such rules to be observed bysteam vessels in each other and as to the hghts to be carried by ferryboats and y barges and canal boats when in tow of steam vessels, and as to the lights and day signals to be carried by vessels, dredges of all types, an vessels working on wrecks by other obstruc· ,,,gE’F,,,"}§,",§,’f',,3_"”"°°*‘ tion to navigation or moored for submarine operations, or made fast to a sunken object which may drift with the tide or be towed, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, as they from time to time may deem necessary for safety, which rules when gpproved by ,.,,2§°]§Yd ’p°°“" the Secretary of Commerce are here`t;y declared speci rules duly V°l- ’°·P-im made by local authority, as provided or in article thirty of chapter eight hundred and two of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninety. _ Two printed COPIES of such rules shall be urnished to such fenéyboats, m§§,,“‘¤‘f§ °¤ "°“°*° barges, dredgxes, canal boats, vessels working on wrecks, an steam vessels, whic rules shall be kept gizsated up m conspicuous places in such vessels, barges, dredges, and ts." Approved, May 25, 1914.