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i 386 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ons. 106, 107, 115. 1914. i mam' te A te ti d ration of the Panama Canal and the sanllgllsizdii Idhll ;>v(¢;I1lh1i)l1ldnt(:>}:i8the Canal Zone," approved Aiigust twenty-fourth nineteen hundred and twelve, which reads as_ follows: ‘}NtpmtoIl[ls shsllgbetlgvieldeupog ylessels engaged in the coisgwise trade `te t s IS re re a e . B¤=·=H{<>`jm*¤¤¤ In , 0 Sec. That athe,thirdus]ian1i:11i’coa:>-i°th(•; 0{)¤¤·id ti f `dA tbe to ws: en ixcrizonmzletl; tdrlnaalgiemior sliipps olodomafnelce the tolls shall not im lg exceed $1.25 per get registered ton, inpr be less thanijmts pei; net 0. , . . regis' tered ton su ject owever to e provisions 0 e mne een V1 P 2239 of the conve1ition_ betiaveen the,United States and the Regpbhc of Prom Panama, entered mto November eighteenth, mneteen hun ed and · s or as a waiver 0 r·¤,1¥'·‘#s""“’°‘ "°“" "`£`§.i‘ Pi'3Y£‘M’ Tm °h°£L“’i?¤“§°..ra°fm“““.m .fi‘iI’ny“l1‘i§hZ“¥§tbr‘5II.*‘€é’(i 0L 32'p` 19% States may have under the treaty with Great Britain, ratified the "°‘· “‘·P·”“°· twenty—iirst of February, nineteen hundred and two, or the treaty with theh Republic dog Panama; ratifieezo ggbmuy nineteen un an our oro erwise m avoro ty _ tc its vessels by exemp vessels of the United States or its ¤v$•i’· »¤i¤.e¤¤&i from the payment of forlgassage through said canal, or as m any wa waiving, impamng, or ectmgany right of the United States under said treaties, or otherwise with respect to the sovegrgnty over or the ownership, control, mi management of said canal the regulation of the conditions or charges o traffic through the same. Approved, June 15, 1914. ' {§'_°°R1?{4§?£j éct To tb: limitpg cost flpr the and completion n,¤bmN°_m] c m ederal a urg, exmsy vmna. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repreaentat·ives ry the United §,T,,"§{‘b'§{g’£g ju. States of Amenkga in_0qngresa assembled, That the provision in section

{]°gg%db,{S,;f,,l;¤g¤‘,;{¤*¤¤ two of the {public building Act of June twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred

$$6. p. eso. and ttepkhor the Otgiilargerxiient, extension, 1`BD10%81lI1gPO1' imlprove- ‘ men 0 epost_ cean co ouseat urg ennsyvania be, and the same IS hereby, so amended as to increase’by $75,000 the limit of cost fixed by_this Act for said work;and the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to_enter into contracts for the completion of _ said_ enlargement, extension, remodeling, and improvement of said burlding within said limit of cost as hereby extended. Approved, June 15, 1914. {§?*E’;,¥§§5 R iic.-Anciayet To mm-ate me construction of t bridge scm are Mimouri {r¤¤ue,x.». ns.; K““““ · H. i Be ite*nactedbyt}teSenateandH R entati theU' d Bl%iss¤:»;r11;‘x`;°f}]i)ey States of America in Congress aaglgtglgll, 'lq-3 the illdsissoltiiuxi Vdilltgy ,g,‘§,,,&,,,.,f,;’§:f‘,',,,g’}_‘,‘; Bridge and Iron Company, a corporation organized under the laws gw ¤v» <» of the State of Kansas, its successors and assigns, be, and are hereby, authorized to construct, mamtam, and operate a highwa trolle yi yl and railroad budge, and approaches thereto, across the Missouri C _ River at iabpomt suitable to e interests of navigation between the ‘f";·‘"°""°¤· Clucago, waulzee and Saint Paul Railway bridge and the mouth of pj,;§§’;8§f· the B15 Blue River, in accordance with the provisions of an Act entitle "An Act to regulate the construction of bridges over navigable waters," approved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred Amendment. md Six- Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Approved, June 17, 1914.