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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess.II. Cris. 121, 123, 124. 1914. 387 CHAP. 121.-A A tMaki ti f th t f val`d d th J 20,1914- pasta. or as Unis.? saa.“i3P‘tTi2P3‘Scai”§is2£ ..§£§§“'}$.'£..°t§i’Z·a.&.,“£a§a§£ gis me-1 hundred and fifteen, and for other purposes. [Public, 1%.116.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House qs Representatives of the United Pm rh- States of Ame1ica in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, m,,.S_ (ms app"'? and the same are hereby, apprgpriated, out of any money III the Treasury not otherwise gppropriat , for_ the payment of pensions for the fiscal year ending une thirt1eth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, and for other purposes, namely: _ _ _ _ hmm cm, Im- _For and lélalvy peinsugnsél follows: For mvalidsi avylidzivs, S;0,,S_ ’ minor c en an epen en r a ves y nurses an 0 er pensioners whd are now borne on the rolls, or who mziy hereafter be placed thereonj_[)unde1(;¢;ah%provisiions of any and allfActs cg ?‘on§·ess, hom: $169 000 000: r at the appropriation a oresai or a Navypéusums. pensions,shal1 be paid,from the income of the Navy pension fun`? so far as the same shall be sufficient for that purpose: Provokled A°°°‘”““· further, That the amount expended under each o the above items shall be accounted for separately. Ex _ For fees and expenses of examining surgeons, pensions, for services re°°‘1”i”,m,g°°'g°°°°' rendered within the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen, $150,000. Approved, June 20, 1914. Fcrrar. 123.-An Act To contenders certain mast mas in the ochoco Nscom ’°*gg@§”- orest, Oregon. ——-;—- [Public, No. 117.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House ¢lg;1Rei:;·1esentatives of the United States_p{ America in Congress assemb , at for the purpose of F,f’,§g;f°gm;‘°**°”“ consoli atingqthe forest lands belonging to the United States within Exchange y1£¤dsprl— the Ochoco ational Forest, Oregon, the Secretary of the Interior v°t°°w°°”° m` be, $nd_ he l;eJ;·1eb5é is, atiuthorpzed axlrilt emppweretll, upop tg; §e{:om— men a 1on 0 e ecre ary 0 c ure o exo ange an e_ong- ?g to pho Umtecg States dwlucd arte parit of tlliip Ochmizo gationaé orest or private y owne an s o substanti y equa v ue an rsigeatlying within the eiterior limits of slaid natilpnal fogestztfroiiideg, ,f5°$"£{’ihmt¤, a u on consumma ion o an exc ange ereun er e an s ac uired) by the United States shall thereby become a part of said Odhoco National Forest. Approved, Jnme 24, 1914. @AP. 124.-An Act To provide for the construction of two revenue cutters. NF; ggiigli Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Itlegrresentatives of the United [P°bu°’ N°'u8‘] States of America in _Uongress assembled, at the Secretary of the igevenue Cu¤¤rServ· Treaspry be, and he isatheretbyil aiétgprmed and directed tphcogslgfucg (;2,e,,St;¤,i§¤;,u2fitW° one s cam revenue c 0 c s ors °¤ ’¤ “ ° · Mexico, at a cost not] tomexceedcthe sunitsof $25(£I0lr)1(iBa]rIid oiie steam Pm'pp` m'833` revenue cutter of the second class for service on the coast of Maine, p.,,,,,;,.,_ at a cost not to exceed the sum of $225,000: Provided, That, in the 8,,§‘§§@°§,’·§Q,,;°’ discrefioinfof the Elgcretary of the Treasury, any of the revenue cutters ` {”§‘2Z‘..§s.§2.§“ Ii..y‘f.§tt§§d”{’.?’.?t?.?"d’ZZ§5`f3§i°§§3°§..’}·°*Z.i”Ji3‘”$§‘i$§ cregs of rilxneiican vlessels engaged in the deep—sea gheries, under suc regu ations as the Secretary of the Treasury may from time to time prescribe, and the said Secretary is hereby authorized to detail for duty on revenue cutters such surgeons and other persons of the Public Health Service as he may deem necessary. Approved, June 24, 1914.