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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS, Sess. II. Ch. 129. 1914. 391 In the Philippine Islands, $100,000. P***HPP*¤° Ismndr _ For tools, e ectrical and other supplies and appliances, to be fur- p,§`,j’,g‘?» *’°°-· °*°°”*"° mshed by the Engineer Department for the use of the troops for mamtaining and operating searchlights and electric light and power plants at seacoast ortifications— In the Hawaiian Islands, $1,000; H¤§#¤¤¤¤ fsmds- In the Philippine Islands, $3,000; Ph‘"PP*“° I”“*“d“· In all, $4,000. Urmnn rim cnmr srcrun orrronn. Sigm S°"i°°· For o ration and maintenance of tire-control installations at sea- m],,,,*‘f’*’°“"°"”“*°“°‘ coast deggnses, $10,000. ORDNANOE DEPARTMENT. Armaments. For- the purchase, manufacture, and test of seacoast cannon for S¤·¤<>¤S¢¢¤¤¤¤¤· coast defenses, including their carriages, sights, implements, equiipments, and the machinery necessary for their manufacture at e °”·1i1i.ik" mi}’°°(f ina; .1 ii r (1 T ¢ { trans er o -one six- un ers, e` t our an seventy- ,,,,,,f°“,§,°’,,§,, two one—hundredths inc , two tivg-(inch, and liiurr six-inch guns_ and ¤¤¤¤i¤c¤i¤- mg gg mounts having an approximate value of $258,000, and of ammunition therefor ha an approximate value of $165,500, from fortilications in the United éitates to the insular possessions for land-defense purposes is apyigrsved. _ _ For pure e, manufacture, and test of ammunition for seacoast °,,@§§,§f""°"’°°‘ cannon, includingutlhe necessary experiments in connection therewith, and the mac ery necessary for its manufacimre at the arsenals, $400,000. . _ For the alteration and maintenance of the seacoast artillery, ,,,,f,§§§'§‘,§;,,,?}°‘* ” including the purchase and manufacture of machinery, tools, and materials necessary for the work, and expenses of the civilian mechanics, and extra-duty pay of enlisted men engaged thereon, $35,000. _ For- the mechanical supervision of the installation of seacoast ,,,1§,‘,,“,?y‘{“"‘ ”°°°“° artillery, includiigi the purchase and manufacture of machinery, tools, and materi necessary for the work, and expenses of civilian mechanics, and extrarduty play of enlisted men eng§ed thereon, $500. For the maintenance o the submarine mine ma riel in the insular s§,‘}‘,'f{,§‘s’f"“° ""“° possessions, $7,500. UNDER rm: onrnr or Anmnnnr. °m°'°f‘“‘m°"‘ For construction of iire—control stations and accessories, including ,,,£"°“°°“"°1“°"°“’ purchase of lands and rights of way, and for the purchase and instalation of necessary lines and means of electrical communication, m- cluding telephones, dial and other telegraphs, wiring and all special instruments, apparatus and materials, coast signal apparatus, and salaries of electrical experts, engineers, and other necessary employees connected with the use of coast artillery; for the purchase, manu- Rm, mum facture, and test of range finders and other instruments for fire control at the fortifications, and the machinery necessary for their manufacture at the arsenals, $55,000. mt hl be I All material purchased imder the provisions of this Act shall be of rmU°fQ',,., .;°.m,m,€. American manufacture, except in cases when, in the judgment of the ¤¤·'°- Secretary of War, it is to the manifest interest of the nited States to make purchases in limited quantities abroad, which material shall be admitted free of duty.