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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 130. 1914. 401 NAVY YARD, CHARLESTON, Sorrrn CAn0LrNA: To complete torpedo °*¤“'°**°¤»S· C- boat berths (to cost not exceeding $300,000), $150,000; dredging, to continue, $20,000; sewer system, extensions, $5,000; conduit system, extlelnsigns, to contgnrfle, i$I5,000_; rg alli)$180&00, d fr vm M I e ecretary 0 the avyis ere yau orize to a , oma °'m°'*‘{ °°‘ propriation "Contingent, Bureau of Yards and Docks,’Pfdi· the fisciil t ¤tpai1¤yr ice {par nineteen hundred and thirteen, voucher in favor of The Viltemp ' anufacturing Company for $4,937 for an ice-making and refrigeratinglplant for the naval disciplinary barracks, Port Royal, South Caro a, furnished by said company under contract dated April twenltly-third, nineteen hundred and thirteen, with the Secretary of the avy· and the accounting officers of the Treasury are hereby D.W.R¤s¤. _ authorized and directed to allow in the accounts of Passed Assistant c.,$lf§w°"°° m °°' Paymaster D. W. Rose credit for payments amounting to $1,184 made by him to said com any under contract dated November fifth, nineteen hundred and , from appropriation "Contin§ent Bureau of Yards and Docks," for the flscaldyearjnineteen hundre and fourteen, on account of said ice-making an refngerating plant. NAVY YARD, Mum ISLAND, CALmonN1A: To comrgete quay wall, }'g’;}{,'*;¤g*,;,°g*,§,°, $20,000; modernizing electric-power and liggilt-distri uting systems, akzsasgg, Mm $10,000; improvement of h draulics, Mare and Straits, m accord- A»a,p.msI ance with re rt submittedr in House Document Numbered Eleven hundred andm three, Sixtieth Congress, second session, and such modifications as may be made therem in pursuance of the authority contained in the Act making appropriations to supplty mgent de — ciencies in appropriations for the fiscal year ending une thirtieth nineteen hunrlie and thirteen, and for other purposes, approved October twenty-second, nineteen hundred and thirteen (limit of cost $507,000), to complete, $207,000; dredging and dikmg, to continue, $20,000; in all, $257,000. NAVY YAnD Poem: SOUND, WAs1nNeroN: To complete ship fitters’ mw S<>¤¤d·W¤¤*·· sho , mold loft, and structural steel storage, $155,000. l\l)AVAL STATION, N AnnAeANsm·r BAY, Rrronn IsLAND: Water-front R§*}¤‘¤¤°¤¤°** my- im rovements, $10,000. EVAVAL STATION, GUANTANA110, Cum: Quarters for civilian em- G“*°°**°“=*°· °°"°· ployees, $8,000; recreation building for enlisted men, $30,000; in all, $38,000. NAVAL STATION, PEARL Hlurnon, HAWAII: Four 0iiicers’ quarters, 'f;_°** H°"’°*· H* $20,000; to complete torpedo-boat shps, $50,000; in all, $70 000. The limit of cost of the dry dock at the naval station, Pearl Harbor, mgjgxgf ***5* °°°" Hawaii, is hereby increased to $4,986,500. v¤1.:w, NAVAL Pnovme Gaourm, INDIANHEAD, MARYLAND: Toward ex- }g§,‘$,¤,}·°·;g*_;,},',*;,· u_ tension of powder factory (cost not to exceed $500,000), $200,000. r¤¤si¤¤- BUILDINGS AND onormns, NAVAL ACADEMY: To complete the con- N°“’·*°“°mY· struction of wharf and approach, $75,000. _ _ I Dnrors ron COAL AND omnn FUEL? For additional fuel-oil storage F“° °°P°°" at Melville, Rhode Island, $20,000; additional fuel-011 storage at Norfolk, V` `a, $150,000; fuel-oil storage at San Diego, California $50,000; steel coaling tower at San Diego, California, $45,000; fuel-oil storage at Puget Sound, Washington, $105,000; fuel-oil storage, San Francisco Bay, California, $100,000; contingent, $30,000; in. all, $500,000. _ NAVAL DISCIPLINARY nA1mAcxs: For the extension and develop- ,£Q§?lpl‘““" b"' ment of the detention system of reforming and disciplining enlisted E’*°“s*°¤·°“°· men of the N ag and Marine Corps convicted by general courtsmartial to be us as the Secret of the Navy may direct at naval P HR I S C disciplinary barracks, Port Rogli South Carolina, and naval dis- Pzmgoyagd gvgh ciplinary barracks, navy yard, Puget Sound, Washington, $75,000. ’ 91006°-vox. 38—1>·r 1—~—26